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If you are using Internet Explorer:

To print a report using Internet Explorer, use the print icon at the top of the report toolbar:

If you get a security warning asking to install and run "SQL Server Reporting Services 2008", click "Install."

Now you should be able to print.

If are using Internet Explorer version 7 or 8, you may get a warning "Unable to Load print control."

Click Ok. At the top of your browser, you should see a yellow bar with a question mark that says "This website wants to install the following add-on: 'Microsoft SQL Server' ..." Click the yellow bar and select "Install ActiveX Control..."

The page will refresh. Try clicking the print icon again. Now you will see a popup window that asks if you want to install the software from Microsoft.

Click "Install." When you try the print icon, it will print the entire report. If at this point, you are still experiencing trouble printing, you can try disabling Internet Explorer's "Protected Mode" or following the below instruction for printing with an alternative browser.

If using and Alternative Browser -  Firefox, Google Chrome, MS Edge or Apple Safari:

Select Acrobat (PDF) file from the Export Dialog, click Export and print the file.

The report will open in an Acrobat viewer window.

Click the print button to print the document.