04/2013 - Space Functionalization Toolbox


03/2013 - F&A and Fringe Benefit Rates


03/2013 - F&A Proposal Department Task Checklist


01/2013 - F&A Proposal Training Schedule


03/2012 - As a result of the NIH salary cap change, the University developed policies and procedures to assist campus with the transition.


12/2011 -  The National Institute of Health reduced the salary cap to Executive Level II which is $179,700.


06/2011 - The retroactive F&A rate change and re-budget adjustments to the majority of budgets impacted are now complete. The F&A expenditure adjustments for these budgets have also been uploaded and are reflected in the financial system as well.  Click on this link for more information on the F&A rate change process.


05/2011 - As a result of the F&A rate negotiations completed in October, RAA has started the F&A retroactive rate change process for budgets requiring a rate change.  Lists of re-budget and expenditure adjustments can be found on our F&A Rate and Proposal Info page, and further information regarding the next steps can be found on the F&A Rate Change Info page.


10/2010 - The University of Washington has completed negotiation of the next facilities and administrative (F&A) rate agreement.  The University’s negotiating team completed discussions with Health and Human Services Division of Cost Allocation on November 16th, 2010 (New Facilities and Administrative Rates - FY2010-2014).


03/2009 - MAA moved to Roosevelt Commons. Our new address for US postal service is 4311 11th Ave NE Suite #620 Seattle, WA 98195.