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The Notary Bond Application Form

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The Process

1) The Notary Applicant completes the Notary Application and submits via email to Parker, Smith and Feek.
Please complete the online web form and indicate where you would like the bond mailed to.
Save a copy of the completed application for your records. 
Email a copy of the completed application to Parker Smith and Feek at

2) Parker, Smith and Feek will send an invoice with the bond to the applicant.
When the original bond is received, the Notary must sign the bond.  Keep a copy for your records.

3) UW Department schedules payment to Parker Smith & Feek via Non-PO Invoice in eProcurement.
The department will input the invoice information from Parker Smith & Feek into the Non-PO Invoice module in eProcurement. Bond fee is $50.00 (object code 03-29).

4) UW Department will create a Non-PO Invoice payable to the Department of Licensing.
The department will create a Non-PO Invoice for $30.00 (object code 03-29) payable to the Department of Licensing, Vendor #117222 and request to have the check sent to a UW campus box number (set within Ariba). This check will need to be mailed to the Department of Licensing with a copy of the signed bond and the renewal application. 

5) Department sends payment and the entire package to the Department of Licensing.
The department will pick up the check request payment and send it with a copy of the signed bond and renewal application to the Department of Licensing:

Department of Licensing
Notary Section
State of Washington
PO Box 9027
Olympia WA 98507-9027

6) Notary will receive the Certificate of Appointment.
The Washington State Department of Licensing will send a Certificate of Appointment to the Notary applicant.

7) Order a new or updated Notary Seal.
Once the certificate is received, a seal/stamp may be purchased, or the existing seal/stamp may need to be corrected to reflect new appointment dates.

Office Depot is a contracted, eProcurement catalog supplier that provides this service.  While placing the catalog order in eProcurement, please attach a copy of the notary certificate for their print facility.