Records Management Services provides inactive storage services to University offices. Storing records at the University Records Center is a free service; however, there are requirements as to the type of records eligible for storage and who is eligible for this service.

Submitting a Storage Request

  1. Ensure you have followed the storage requirements and have labeled the box correctly.
  2. Download the storage request form.
  3. Input your storage request.
  4. Include the name of your department's Records Coordinator*.
  5. Save in the Excel format - we cannot accept the form in PDF!
  6. Submit electronically via

*The Records Coordinator is the person designated in your department to be the main liaison with University Records Management Services. They will receive the Accession Confirmation report confirming the receipt, retention and storage location of the boxes on the storage request form. You may continue to add an additional contact who we can call to arrange for the pickup of the boxes. If you are not sure who your Records Coordinator is, please contact us at 206-543-0573.

Storage Request Form Tips

Trigger Date of Box

The retention trigger date tells us when to start the countdown for the retention period. Please fill in this field for the following types of records:

  • For financial records for grants and contracts, the trigger is found in GrantTracker.  Click here for steps to locating this date in GrantTracker.
  • For research and grant administration records the trigger is the anticipated study close date.
  • For student records, the trigger date is graduation or last contact.
  • For all other records please leave this box blank.

Description Field

  • Include the date range of box contents (items already past retention will not be accepted for storage!)
  • For research records, please include the name of the study and the PI.
  • Any other description of contents which will be useful for tracking the box-- types of documents, budget numbers, alpha and numeric ranges, etc.
  • You may find it useful to keep a complete inventory / detailed packing list in a separate document for your reference.

Storage Requirements

Boxes must meet the following criteria to ensure pick-up:

  • Boxes must weigh no more than 30 pounds
  • Boxes should be at least half full
  • Box lid must fit firmly - do not include hanging files or place ring binders on end
  • The short side of the box must be labeled in permanent marker with the following information:
    • Box Number (usually sequential 1, 2, 3, etc)
    • Department/Office Name
    • Record Series Title or additional information which your department needs to identify the box contents
  • Do not attach labels, "Post-It Notes" or tape to the box
  • Do not rewrite the new box information over the old information
    • Mark out the old information with a permanent marker and write on the clean side of the box
  • Pack records with significantly different retention periods and/or inclusive dates in separate boxes
  • All records must correlate with a Record Series on an up-to-date and approved Records Retention Schedule. Visit the Departmental Retention Schedule search page or call us at 543-0573 to determine if your office needs to update their schedule.

We cannot accept:

All About the BOX

Records must be packed in a standard storage box (10" x 12" x 15") with a lid that fits securely. Boxes may be ordered from Office Depot or you may request used boxes from us (limited quantities).

What should be noted on the box (short end):

  1. Box number (assigned by your department)
  2. Department name
  3. Any additional information which your department needs to identify the box contents