Over the past few years, it has become clear that the UW is on a fast track to going digital. With Workday and other central systems, with online forms, with e-signatures – more and more records that were traditionally on paper are now being created and received electronically. So after much brainstorming on what the future holds and how we could help move the UW forward, we created the Fetch the Future – Rethink the Ink initiative. Records Management Service is working with other campus partners like Sustainability and UW-IT on a number of initiatives and tools to make managing your electronic records as simple and painless as possible. We hope the resources below will start you thinking and ease the transition to a paperless office.




So you want to go digital? Training Video

Paper is a relic of the past. This training will help you make good choices when implementing electronic workflows, and introduce tools you can use.

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Plan Your Ideal State

Use this resource to help your team perfect your electronic workflows. This action planning toolkit includes sample materials and templates to help you guide a discussion and plan practical next steps.

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Electronic Record Policy Builder

Design a customized E-Record Policy by following our easy step-by-step webform. Once completed, it will provide an actionable standard operating procedure to help your unit manage  your unstructured electronic information.

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Tip Sheet: Going Paperless

As you switch your office’s processes from paper to electronic or improve your existing electronic processes, consider these tips and examples.

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Choosing the Right Electronic Storage Location

An important component of managing your office's electronic records includes storing them in an appropriate location.

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Recommendations on File/Folder Naming Conventions

Establish a file/folder naming convention that balances being robust enough to help you organize and find your information while still being simple enough that it can be used by the whole office.

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Structuring Electronic Files

A detailed guide on how to create and maintain a digital filing system for your entire office. Includes tips on figuring out what you have, organizing records, and implementing the new system.

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Best Practices for Folder Structures

Design a file plan that makes it easier to find what you are looking for while following the legally-approved retention period for your records. Includes sample file plans by type of record. Applies to all electronic records, including email. 

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Best Practices for Team Communication Platforms

Tools like Slack and MS Teams free us from emails but present unique challenges. Here's how to maintain compliance with UW legally-approved retention policies while efficiently using these platforms.

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Third Party Software Best Practices

This resource helps you establish best practices for adopting and using third party applications in your office.

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Scanning Policy Builder

UW Offices must have a scanning policy on file with Records Management to scan records and destroy paper originals. Use the Scanning Policy Builder to create a policy.

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University-Wide Scanning Policies

The UW has several enterprise systems which allow departments to scan and attach records. However, there are requirements we must follow in order to scan records and dispose of the original paper documents.

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