Each university office has primary legal responsibility for the proper care and management of its records. As such, there are several steps we as university employees must take throughout our university career to ensure we fulfill this responsibility. We hope these resources will make it easy for you to learn about your responsibilities and get answers to basic questions.

Your Responsibility

At the University of Washington, each and every employee is responsible for managing the records they create and receive.

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What is a record?

As a state agency, everything the University community creates - both in hardcopy and electronically - is considered a record regardless of its physical form or characteristic.

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For your convenience, we have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions section with immediate answers to common questions and specific issues. 

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Retention Schedules

Retention Schedules list each type of record created at UW and the specific amount of time it needs to be kept according to state and federal requirements.

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University Email Policy

We have the same responsibilities toward managing email that we have toward managing all our other records.

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Electronic Records

Out of Sight, Out of Mind... Due to growing volume and diversity of format, e-records are the most difficult (yet important) records to manage.

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Records Management Services offers free online and customized, in-person training to the University community on all three campuses.

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Destroying Records

Once records have reached the end of their retention period, they should be disposed of properly.

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Archival Records

Archival records are historical records that have permanent value and are collected, preserved, and maintained by the University Archives.

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