Scanning Records at UW

In order to be compliant with state statute, the University of Washington requires that any office scanning records with the intention of legally replacing the paper source document with the scanned image must have a scanning policy on file with our office. By following the procedures in an approved scanning policy, the scanned image becomes the official record and the paper source document can be destroyed.

***Please check if the documents your office intends to scan are already covered by a university-wide scanning policy or a departmental scanning policy***

This Scanning Policy Builder is intended to assist offices in drafting a scanning policy that meets all state requirements.

The scanning policy builder contains five sections:

  • Records Retention
  • Technical Scanning Requirements
  • Storage Location and Access
  • Filing and Organization
  • Preservation and Disposition

You will be asked to answer some straightforward questions about each of these topics. If you are unable to answer a particular question, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Draft and return to it once you have gathered the necessary information.

After completing this module, your draft scanning policy will be sent to Records Management Services for review. If we have any questions or need for clarification, we will contact you at the email you provide. Upon approval, you will receive a copy of your scanning policy as well as a template disposition log.

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If you have any questions or need to make any additional changes to your policy at any time, please contact our office at or 543-0573.


Click here to view the full list of UW Scanning Requirements.