Leaving the University? Do yourself, your successor and your former department a favor. Don't leave a legacy of unorganized, obsolete records for someone else to deal with. Before leaving, take the time to identify and appropriately manage all records that still have value to your former department. Use your years of accumulated administrative knowledge to make the best decisions on how your legacy records will be handled.

Use this resource as a guide in conversations and planning. For all University faculty, staff, students, and any other persons at the University involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of research at or under the auspices of the University, please refer to GIM 37 for direction regarding the management of research data at the time of your departure. And best of luck on your next adventure!

Provide a completed copy of this checklist to your supervisor prior to departure (DOCX)

For all records with continuing retention requirements or administrative value in your possession as well as any records on destruction hold because of a public records request, audit, or litigation, consider the following:

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