These best practices help you use your team communication platform efficiently and in compliance with UW legally-approved retention policies.

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best practices for team communications infographic


Infographic text:

Best Practices for Team Communication Platforms

Project Channels

Create activity or project-specific channels, then delete when done. Separating conversations lets you follow only the channels you need and makes deletion easier.

Keep the Goods Outside

Link to files outside the application instead of attaching. Keep records on a shared drive where they can be accessed and deleted at the end of their retention period.

Control Access

Tie access to NetIDs and remove employees when they separate. Don’t add more people to channels than necessary. Assign application management to specific persons/positions.

This Is Public

Remember no matter how transitory, your messages are still subject to Public Records Requests. Ensure someone who can search and produce records has access to all of the channels..

Keep it Transitory

General exchanges of information and brainstorming can be deleted as soon as they have outlived their usefulness. No policy-level decisions. No requesting or receiving approval.

Annual Clean-Outs

For general channels which aren't project-specific (cookies in the break room), label each channel with the current year then delete annually.

Keep It Safe

Never include any confidential/personal information, including credit cards, student/academic, research, or HIPAA-protected records.

Stay Sane

Mute or leave channels you don’t need, control notifications, and tailor when and how you receive messages.