Managing and overseeing information compliance at UW

Required by RCW 40.14, Records Management Services manages and oversees compliance with state and federal laws and regulations relating to the preservation and destruction of information created and received by the University. The University and the State of Washington have designated us as the legal authority for determining how long electronic and paper records must be retained. We are responsible for establishing standards that ensure the legal legitimacy of University record-keeping systems. Learn More →

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Bookmarks allow you to create a personalized records retention schedule and quickly reference your office's departmental schedule and/or scanning policy.

A guide on how to create and maintain a digital filing system. Includes tips on figuring out what you have, keeping records organized and easily found by your entire office. Learn how to:

  • Involve your stakeholders
  • Analyze existing records
  • Develop a new filing system
  • Inform users/training
  • Implement and purge annually

We've collected your frequently asked questions about records management-related topics. Many FAQ focus on working in a paperless office. Explore our new FAQ regarding going paperless, email, cloud storage solutions like OneDrive or Google Drive, and electronic document management. Don't know where to start? Search by keyword or check out the topic listings such as E-signatures and DocuSign.