Managing and overseeing information compliance at UW

Required by RCW 40.14, Records Management Services manages and oversees compliance with state and federal laws and regulations relating to the preservation and destruction of information created and received by the University. The University and the State of Washington have designated us as the legal authority for determining how long electronic and paper records must be retained. We are responsible for establishing standards that ensure the legal legitimacy of University record-keeping systems. Learn More →

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ROT stands for Redundant, Obsolete, and Transitory records. ROT presents a litigation risk, a security risk, a privacy risk, and is a drain on your efficiency. Schedule a ROT Squad consult with Emily and Lynn to learn how to identify and eradicate your ROT--and prevent it from recurring. The RMS ROT Squad is a free service to UW offices, departments, and individuals on all three campuses. ROT Squad consults can also be held remotely. 

This resource outlines the requirements of a strong file structure with built-in retention. Do your records have a cut-off scheduled around a fixed-period in time or are they event-based? Using this guide can help you design a file plan that makes it easier for you and your users to find what you are looking for while following the legally-approved retention period for your records.

An important component of managing your office's electronic records includes storing them in an appropriate repository. Taking into account security and privacy concerns, the lifecycle of your records, and the ability to manage the location centrally, this resource will help you ask the right questions to decide what solution works best for you.