Annual Surveys

Surveys Sent to Departments for Year-End Reporting

Surveys will be emailed to known contacts about mid-June. They should be completed and returned to Financial Accounting by mid-July to allow sufficient time for review and make annual adjustments before the fiscal year closes.

Accounts Receivable Surveys

...are emailed to those departments that do not currently use the Invoice Receivable System managed by Student Fiscal Services.

Inventory Surveys

"Inventory" is items that are:
1) owned by the University
2) physically present at the inventory location, and
3) held for sale to qualified buyers or for distribution to other university departments.
Inventory does not include office supplies expected to be used by the department in the normal course of departmental activities.

Deferred Revenue Surveys

"Deferred revenues" are amounts of any revenue received by a department on or before June 30 for a service, sale, or class that will not take place until July 1 or later.

Departments who have any of these items to report and did not receive surveys should contact Financial Reporting.

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