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Fiscal Year-end Close Deadlines

Fiscal Year-end Close Calendar (Printable Version)

UW Academy 
Fiscal Year-end Close Calendar 2024

Calendar for June 2024 will be a 16 business day process.
Note: Last day of calendar month is called "Day minus 1". Day 1-16 are business days.
Last updated April 25, 2024.
WD PeriodMonthDateDay of CloseDeadlineKey Functions and types of transactions that occur each day
 June30Day minus 1MidnightOpen July ledger period in Workday
JuneJune30Day minus 12:00 PMLast day to approve Accounting Adjustments for period  (follows Procurement close)
JuneJune30Day minus 1MidnightComplete receiving of goods and services for period
JuneJune30Day minus 1MidnightClose Procurement, Expenses, Capital Assets, Student Accounts 
JuneJune30Day minus 1MidnightLast day to post ISDs (follows Procurement close)
JuneJuly1Day 1MidnightClose Banking 
JuneJuly1Day 12:00 PMIn-progress customer invoices must be approved or cancelled (if not approved) by 2pm
JuneJuly1Day 15:00 PMClose Customer Accounts
JuneJuly1Day 15:00 PMRun Receipt Accrual
JuneJuly2Day 25:00 PMRun Depreciation
JuneJuly2Day 25:00 PMPost reversing journal
JuneJuly3Day 3   
JuneJuly5Day 4MidnightPayroll posts; Time of day is dependent upon Payroll processes completing and may be earlier/later than midnight.
JuneJuly6 - 7--Weekend
JuneJuly8Day 5- 
JuneJuly9Day 6- 
JuneJuly10Day 7- 
JuneJuly11Day 85:00 PMClose Payroll; Fringe expenses post. All Payroll Accounting Adjustments (PAA) must be approved to be captured in June.
JuneJuly12Day 912:00 PMFunding Source - final task run for period
JuneJuly12Day 92:00 PMLast day to run financial allocations - 2pm cut-off
JuneJuly12Day 92:00 PMIn-progress journals must be approved or cancelled (if not approved) by 2pm
JuneJuly12Day 95:00 PMClose Journals (except for Controller's Office)
JuneJuly12Day 95:00 PMClose Operational Accounting
JuneJuly15Day 10-Controller's Office Only 
JuneJuly16Day 11-Controller's Office Only 
JuneJuly17Day 12-Controller's Office Only 
JuneJuly18Day 13-Controller's Office Only 
JuneJuly19Day 14-Controller's Office Only 
JuneJuly22Day 15-Controller's Office Only 
JuneJuly23Day 165:00 PMUniversity closes Workday for fiscal year
JuneJuly24-31  Submit & post trial balance to State Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS)
~ University in Post Close Period until audited financial statements issued ~

The University generally plans and budgets funds for State Budgets on a fiscal year basis. We also generate the Financial Report on a fiscal year basis that presents an annual summary of the University's Finances. It is therefore important, considering Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), that transactions be recorded in the correct reporting period.

Biennium Cut-Off Dates

Fiscal year end 2025 is the next biennium close.  Deadlines for the biennium close will be published closer to June 2025.

University of Washington Reporting

State Reporting Information

Enterprise-wide Financial Statements

There are 16 Workday companies and are aligned between two organizations: UW Academy and UW Medicine.  The Controller’s Office for each organization coordinates the Month End Close process.  The Workday companies are organized as follows:


  1.   UW1861
  2.   School of Medicine (SOM)
  3.   Metropolitan Tract (MT) 
  4.   Portage Bay Insurance (PBI)
  5.   Washington Biomedical Research Properties (WBRPs) 
  6.   UW Alumni Association (UWAA)
  7.   UW Foundation (UWF)


  1. UW Medical Center (UWMC)
  2. Airlift Northwest (ALNW)
  3. UW Medicine Shared Services (UWMSS)
  4. University Physicians (UWP)
  5. UW Physicians Network (UWMPC)
  6. UW Medicine Choice Care LLC
  7. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (FHCC)
  8. Valley medical Center (VMC)
  9. Harborview Medical Center (HMC)

For financial statement reporting purposes, the Workday companies represent:

UW stand-alone

  1. UW1861
  2. School of Medicine (SOM)
  3. Metropolitan Tract (MT)
  4. UW Medical Center (UWMC)
  5. Airlift Northwest (ALNW)
  6. UW Medicine Shared Services (UWMSS)

Blended Component Units

  1. Portage Bay Insurance (PBI)
  2. Washington Biomedical Research Properties (WBRPs)
  3. University Physicians (UWP)
  4. UW Physicians Network (UWMPC)
  5. UW Medicine Choice Care LLC

Discrete Component Units

  1. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (FHCC)
  2. Valley medical Center (VMC)

Related Parties

  1. UW Alumni Association (UWAA)
  2. UW Foundation (UWF)
  3. Harborview Medical Center (HMC)
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