Cash Handling Policy Update 6.1.2020

In response to Governor’s order of “Safe Start” proclamation issued on May 31, 2020, Office of Financial Management (OFM) has made the following update on the waiver to the deposit frequency stated in SAAM 85.50.20:

The previous waiver was in response to the "Stay Home - Stay Healthy" order that expired on May 31, 2020. Besides the effective dates, this new waiver remains consistent with the previous waivers provided by OFM.

To learn more about how deposits are currently handled at UW, please visit BAO's Newsletter regarding "Accepting Payments in the World of COVID19":

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Thank you for your attention to this matter and practicing proper compliance during this time.  Please note, with the current situation with COVID19, the policies can change any time. BAO is committed to provide any updates from OFM and for any additional questions, please email