Cash Receivables


B&AO manages all incoming electronic deposits in to UW bank accounts.  Click here if you need electronic payment instructions or research an ACH or wire transaction received.

Cash/Check Deposits

Learn how to create a check/cash deposit at the bank or to post an ACH or wire transaction to your department budget.  Once funds have been deposited into a UW bank account, a CT must be created for the funds to be posted to your budget.

Cash Transmittal

Cash Transmittals (CT, TC30) are used to record revenue and refunds to budgets.  CT's are tied to bank deposits, including cash, check, ACH and wire transactions. 

Change Fund

Learn how you can establish a change fund for cashiering services for your department.  

Unclaimed Deposits

B&AO maintains lists of unclaimed ACH/WIRE and Cash/Check deposits made at UW's main operating bank account. Click here to see what deposits have not been claimed yet. In addition, explanation of the research B&AO performs for funds that are reported as unclaimed property to all 50 states.  

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