Important: Please check calendar below for revised biennium dates in the coming months.

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What is Biennium Close?                                                             

What does this mean to the UW?

System Availability

Things to Know

Payment Information During Biennium Close

Cutoff Dates Calendar

What is Biennium Close?

Many governmental organizations, including the University of Washington (UW), divide their accounting records into two-year periods. Each two-year period is called a “biennium”.  During a biennium revenue and expenses are recorded. 

At the conclusion of the biennium the records are closed and a new set of records is opened and a “new” biennium is created.  At the UW a biennium begins in July of an odd year and concludes at the end of June two years later.

For a month or so after the day a given biennium ends (which is usually June 30), we continue to record revenues and expenses that pertain to the old biennium in the old biennium.  This allows UW to record its financial transactions to the appropriate time period. For a short period of time, two separate sets of records are open, one for the new biennium and one for the old. Biennium crossover is the period of time when the old and new biennias are both open.  Biennium close occurs when transactions can no longer be put into the old biennium. There are a series of steps leading up to this cutoff.

What does this mean to the University of Washington?

To comply with Washington State accounting procedures for closing out the current Biennium, the University's books of account will be held open for a limited time during the month of July to record transactions processed after June 30 relating to business of the expiring fiscal period.

The Biennium Cutoff Dates are the final dates on which various transactions must be received, and or processed, to ensure recording for biennium business. 

System Availability

It is important to note that various systems may be unavailable, for the processing of transactions.  You can learn more about any planned system downtime, or unavailability on the System Availability page.

Things to Know: 


Ariba transaction payment Information for the 2021-2023 Biennium Close period


Payment Type Activity


    TBD eTravel, eReimbursements, P2I Last day for current Biennium processing
   TBD     PO, BPO Invoice payments Current Biennium processing 
    TBD Non-PO Invoice payments

Only current Biennium processing

     TBD All Ariba will be unavailable 
       TBD All

New payment processing begins in new Workday system


Biennium 2021-2023 Cutoff Date Calendar

Keep checking this calendar for updates        

Printable Calendar (coming soon)

Topic Description

Cutoff Time

Cutoff Date Contact

Ariba Orders: Major Sourcing Events

In order to ensure expenditures for any major purchases (RFPs) that do not have existing contracts are charged to the expiring biennium, they need to be fully approved by the department and submitted to Procurement Services by March 31st.

Large purchases that do not involve an RFP may be able to be placed up to TBD and still be charged to the expiring biennium.





Ariba: P2I for Foreign Nationals In order to guarantee expenditures are charged to the expiring fiscal year, Ariba payment transactions for Foreign Nationals must clear the approval process by 5 p.m. on TBD. This allows for Procurement Services to receive, process and send required documents to the IRS.      5:00              pm   TBD


Close Ariba Open Balances


     5:00             pm   TBD


Contract Review (RV) Forms     TBD  

Ariba Orders: General Purchases

In order to ensure expenditures are charged to the expiring biennium, Ariba contract requests and requisitions need to be fully approved by the department and Procurement Services by TBD.      5:00              pm   TBD


Other Ariba Payment Transactions

In order to guarantee expenditures are charged to the expiring biennium Ariba payment transactions must clear the approval process by 5 pm on TBD. This allows for Procurement Services processing. 

It is possible that expenditures fully approved up to TBD at 3 p.m. will still be charged to the expiring biennium. Anything after this time will be charged to the new biennium. 

     5:00              pm   TBD


eTravel Contact:


Non-PO Invoices


Procurement Card

To ensure transactions are received and posted in PaymentNet by TBD, we recommend ProCard purchases are made by TBD. 

To ensure that equipment is inventoried correctly, the deadline for equipment purchases with a ProCard is TBD. 

     5:00              pm   TBD


Central Travel Account (CTA) Central Travel Account transactions must be posted to PaymentNet by TBD to be recorded in Biennium 2021-2023. We recommend CTA purchases are made by TBD.       5:00              pm   TBD


Check Requests (for limited use) This process is officially retired. In order to guarantee expenditures are charged to the expiring biennium, check requests must be received by AP by TBD.      5:00             pm   TBD


Refund Check Requests

Used by campus departments to return funds to individuals and companies from a revenue budget.

     5:00              pm  TBD


Credit Memos If you are expecting a credit memo from a supplier, make sure the credit memo is submitted and approved in Ariba by TBD.      3:00              pm   TBD


Deposit of cash, check(s), ACH and WIRE payments

All deposits of cash, check(s), ACH, and WIRE must have a bank posting date of TBD to account for the expiring biennium. All deposits that have a bank posting date of TBD or after will reflect the new biennium. 

Cash/Check deposit: Must be made before banks close TBD (usually between 5 pm and 6 pm)

Incoming ACH: Must have a settlement date of TBD by the payee 

Incoming WIRE: Must be sent by the payee before the WIRE cutoff time of 2:30 pm on TBD

Varies, see description   TBD


Ariba Invoices

In order to ensure expenditures are charged to the expiring biennium, orders placed in Ariba must have invoices dated June 30th or earlier in Ariba and Blanket Purchase Orders (BPO) must be fully received by the department. This allows for central office processing.      5:00              pm   TBD


ProCard/CTA Reconciliation Complete reconciliation in PaymentNet by TBD.     5:00             pm   TBD


Revolving Funds

Revolving Fund form

Last day to submit revolving fund replenishment request for that previous fiscal year. Please make sure to specify the correct fiscal year for posting. 

    2:00             pm    TBD


Field Advance Spend Downs Field advance Spend Downs must be approved by departments in the field advance portal by TBD in order to be posted to the prior fiscal year.     2:00             pm    TBD


MyFD Expense Transfers & MyFD Journal Vouchers (JV) Recommended last day for submitting expense transfers which require Central Office review      4:00             pm    TBD


Last day to submit expense transfers which require Central Office review     4:00             pm   TBD


LAST DAY for campus to submit MyFD expense transfers & MyFD JVs marked for prior fiscal year     4:00             pm   TBD


DEAN'S DAY- FINAL DAY to submit expense transfers and MyFD JVs (only those who have "Biennium Close Transfer (Deans/VPs)" authorization in ASTRA. Check your authorizations if you are unsure of your access rights.)     4:00             pm   TBD



Recommended first cutoff day to submit ISDs and CTIs to JVReq before last day for campus.  Time between this first cutoff day and last day for campus should be used to ensure all entries have posted in the system correctly.  Entries to fix incorrect postings should be done between this date and last day for campus. 

ISD Electronic Form submitted to

CTI Electronic Form submitted to

    12:00            pm   TBD



Last day for campus to submit FASTRANS uploads for ISDs, CTIs, JVs and CTs

FASTRANS files must be named for month 24 if transactions should post to June/month 24/FY2; example: F2407071.ISD (even when submitted in July, up to the Last Day deadline)

Files named for month 01 will post to July/FY1

     6:30              pm



Journal Vouchers

Use Tax Corrections

For information on how to submit Use Tax Corrections -  see Use Tax Reversals.

    12:00            pm   TBD



Grant, Contract and Gift Budgets

(includes deficit transfers submitted through Grant Tracker or using the Deficit Transfer form)

    12:00            pm   TBD


Cash Transmittals (CT)

for monies deposited to the bank by TBD, 2023

CTs submitted to Banking and Accounting Operations for upload

Electronic Form submitted to

    12:00            pm   TBD


LAST DAY for campus to submit Final Adjusting CTs

Electronic CT form submitted to

   12:00              pm   TBD


DEAN'S DAY: Final Adjusting CTs for Deans and VPs Only

Electronic CT form submitted to

   12:00             pm   TBD