Please review the collection of information, FAQs, guides and tutorials in this section to help assist you through the Procurement process.

Procurement Services News

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Data Security Best Practices

Due to the overwhelming amount of scams and fraud in today's society, it is critical that UW employees protect UW data. See our Data Security Best Practices document for advice and links on what you can do to protect sensitive UW data.

Scam and Fraud Alerts

When Procurement Services is made aware of potentially harmful scams or fraud, every effort is made to make UW departments and, if needed, suppliers aware of the issue. Our Scam and Fraud Alerts document is designed to inform users of current and past risks and contacts if you see these issues within your department.

Clearing your Internet Browser Cache

Due to recent updates made in the Ariba system in early April 2013, some users are experiencing lag time when trying to make entries. If you are experiencing these lag times please clear your internet browser cache following these instructions.

Try this quick-fix short-cut (may not work in all browsers):

Press F5, close your browser window and then open a new window.

Mozilla Firefox (v17):

Go to : Tools->Options->Advanced Panel->Network->Cashed Web Content->Clear Now
After clearing cache log out of all browsers and restart the computer.

Internet Explorer (IE9):
  1. Close all browser sessions (if needed restart computer)
  2. Open a new Internet explorer browser, and go to delete browsing history
    Go to : Tools->Internet Options->Browsing History->Delete or ctr+shift+del
  3. Make sure “Preserve Favorites website date” is unchecked and “Temporary Internet Files” and “Cookies” are checked
    (see below)


  4. Click Delete, it may take some time to complete
  5. Close browser
  6. Open a new browser and login into Ariba
    Note: As a reminder is important to never use the back arrow on the browser, and use the “Logout” button on the screen rather than just closing the browser.