Workday Requisitions

Workday is a cloud based software that provides tools and functionality to support finance and human capital management business activities at the UW. 

Buying in Workday

Campus department will use Workday to create and submit requisitions for goods and services that will become purchase orders.

Requisitions will either be:

There are various requisition types for catalog and non-catalog requisitions:

  • Blanket Request
  • Capital Asset Request
  • Construction-Capital Projects
  • Goods and Services
  • Multi-Component Capital Asset Request
  • No Cost Request
  • Equipment/Product Evaluation Request

Training Resources:

Other Transactions

Along with purchasing, there are payments, reimbursements and other types of transactions in Workday as well. 

  • Supplier Invoice Request (formerly a Non-PO Invoice)
  • Miscellaneous Payment (payments and reimbursements to non-UW individuals)
  • Expense Reports (reimbursements to UW employees for travel and non-travel, field advance spend downs and CTA charge verification)

Best Practices:

  • Accept cookies when using catalogs.
  • Follow the University Scanning Policy for documents, which can be found on the Records Management website.