ARIBA Reports

ARIBA Reports are a suite of web based reports within the ARIBA system. Reports are available for various categories of data and are useful to departments for reviewing ARIBA orders, tracking invoices, reviewing eReimbursement payments, and payments to individuals. ARIBA provides a standard set of reports, which the user can adjust by specifying filters.

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MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD)

MyFD is a web interface for the University of Washington's Financial Accounting System (FAS). MyFD provides users a convenient means for monitoring budget balances and reconciling transactions. Additionally, MyFD Users can build custom reports, use the Budget Worksheet to plan for future budget activity and transfer posted salary and non-salary expenses online.

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Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) 

Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) are a suite of web-based reports developed by Procurement Services. The reports draw data from the JP Morgan Chase PaymentNet once a month.

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