Reporting Tools

Workday Reports

Workday reports are available in Workday to find data on buying and paying. Review the UW Connect Finance Portal Workday Reports job aid to learn more. 


New Invoice Reports

These reports will help campus find invoices that need to have receiving completed and invoices that need to be approved by Grant Managers or Principle Investigators (PIs)

Go to the Invoice Reports

BI Portal

The feature-packed Business Intelligence (BI) Portal is your one-stop catalog, connecting you to UW’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) central reports, dashboards (including dashboards previously housed in UW Profiles) and data cubes.

Go to the BI Portal page

ARIBA Reports (Data up to June 2023) (Retired)

ARIBA Reports are a suite of web based reports within the ARIBA system. This purchasing system has been retired and all buying is taking place in Workday.


MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) (Retired)

MyFD was a web interface for the University of Washington's Financial Accounting System (FAS). Legacy data from the Budget Summary report in MyFD can be found in the BI Portal. 


Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR)  (Retired)

Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) was a suite of web-based reports developed by Procurement Services. This reporting system has been retired.