Important Notice: March 2020

The ProCard Office is open and available during normal business hours (9am to 4pm PST).  As normal, you can inquire via email at and continue to submit requests (i.e. temporary increase, new application, renewal) through ARIBA.

Important News about Home Deliveries: Procurement Services has received numerous questions regarding residential deliveries of supplies for staff working remotely at home. Under normal circumstances, we do not advise home delivery for several reasons, including tax implications, appropriate use of UW owned materials, tracking and tagging equipment, returned goods issues etc. However, we have modified our guidance for ProCard purchases to allow home delivery provided the appropriate person in the ordering department authorizes it. Departments should work with their administrative staff and human resources representatives regarding telework policies, responsibility for telework equipment and supplies, and tracking UW owned equipment and the plan for its return to the department (more information is available on the university's telework policy and process web page). 

The UW Procurement Card (ProCard) is a Visa purchasing card available for faculty and staff, designed to reduce the use of small dollar purchasing using purchase orders, and eliminate the use of personal funds. ProCard usage is restricted to UW business purchases only, and may not be used for personal expenditures.



What to Know Before You Begin

New Card Application Process

Renewal Process


Requirements for Becoming a Cardholder:

All ProCard users are:

  • Required to abide by all Washington State & UW purchasing regulations when purchasing with the UW ProCard.
  • All NEW Procard applicants will be required to take the ProCard Training and complete the ProCard Assessment with a passing score of 22/24. 
  • All renewal ProCard Applicants (every 3 years) will be required to take the ProCard Assessment and receive a passing score of 22/24.
  • Subject to the State of Washington training requirements.  For more details, please visit:  Required Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Procurement Training. Here are some FAQs.


What to Know Before You Begin

Review all resources below that explain policy and procedure:

  • All NEW ProCard applications will be required to take the ProCard Cardholder Training and complete the ProCard Assessment with a passing score of 22/24.
  • New applications submitted from previous or current cardholders changing departments will not be required to complete a new assessment, as long as an assessment has been completed with a passing score within the last 12 months.
  • All renewal ProCard Applicants (every 3 years) will be required to take the ProCard cardholder assessment and receive a passing score of 22/24.

If you have an questions please email


New Card Application Process

  • UW Faculty and staff are eligible to apply for a ProCard, with department/unit approval.
  • Harborview Medical Center and UW Medical Center Applications must have Approval from UW Medicine Internal Controls.
  • All applications using the medical center budgets (3120000000 org code) will automatically be routed to UW Medicine Internal Controls for review and approval. Please contact Lillen Namba for further information and inquiries.
Step 1: Complete the ProCard training and assessment or Medical Center assessment
  • The ProCard training and assessment must be completed before submitting an application form in Ariba.  A minimum score of 22 out of 24 is required to pass the assessment.  Click here to find the online training.
  • The Medical Center assessment (3120000000 org code) needs to be completed with a minimum score of 33 out of 35 before the application will be approved and processed. Please contact Lillen Namba for further information and inquires.
Step 2: Complete and submit a ProCard application in Ariba
  1. The cardholder completes and submits the Ariba application 
  2. The department ProCard approver must approve the application. 
  3. The ProCard Office reviews and approves the application. Applications are processed on Fridays. 
  4. Email notice will be sent to the cardholder when the card arrives in the ProCard office, typically in 7-10 business days.

A how-to guide for filling out the application can be found here.


Renewal Process

Renewal application process – ProCard office will NOT be sending notifications to cardholders when their card is expiring (every 3 years).  It will be the responsibility of the cardholder to take the assessment first prior to submitting the Ariba application.       

  • The ProCard office receives the renewal cards approximately 6 weeks before the expiration date. 
    • Example: Cardholder expiration date is July 2019.  ProCard office receives new card June 15th (approx.)
  • Cardholder takes quiz, submits application any time after June 15th.  If renewal quiz and application is not completed by July 31, 2019 the card will be cancelled.

Step 1. It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to take the ProCard  assessment and receive a passing score of 22/24. 

Step 2. Submit the card application form in Ariba (Home/Create/Card Application/Type of Card/ProCard Renewal), and include the assessment score received in the Comments section.

Step 3: Once steps 1 and 2 have been completed, you will receive an email notification from the ProCard office with activation instructions and a confirmation your card has been sent through campus mail.