The UW Procurement Card (ProCard) is a Visa purchasing card available for faculty and staff, designed to reduce the use of small dollar purchasing using purchase orders, and eliminate the use of personal funds. ProCard usage is restricted to UW business purchases only, and may not be used for personal expenditures or UW travel related purchases.

All procurement card users are:

Oversight for the Procurement Card Program is provided by the University ProCurement Card Administrator and designated individuals administering the program in each department. Responsibility for appropriate administration and card usage rests with individual cardholders and departments. Procurement Card Administration monitors departmental compliance with the ProCurement Card program policies and procedures.

Important: View our Department Responsibilities page for guidance on responsibilities of the Cardholder, Reviewer and Administrator.

What to Know Before You Buy

  • The default ProCard single transaction limit is $3,500 and the monthly limit is $20,000.

  • Never use the ProCard for travel expenses, see List of Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures.

  • Never split charges to stay under the $3,500 single transaction limit. Contact Procurement Card Services if ARIBA cannot be used and the ProCard is the only viable option because of time sensitive situations or supplier payment acceptance.
  • UW Faculty and staff are eligible to apply for a ProCard, with department/unit approval.
  • Harborview Medical Center and UW Medical Center Applications must have Approval from UW Medicine Internal Controls.

    All applications using the medical center budgets (3120000000 org code) will automatically be routed to UW Medicine Internal Controls for review and approval. Please contact Lillen Namba for further information and inquiries.

Complete the ProCard training
  • Training can be completed before or after submitting an application form. The ProCard training reviews the business processes, policies and procedures pertaining to proper use of the ProCard, and instruction how to review transactions in PaymentNet.
  • Cardholders are also required to take an online assessment test when card is renewed.
Complete and submit a ProCard application

Follow these steps:

  • ProCard applicants and Administrators must review the card user agreement before the online application is completed and submitted.
  • ProCard applicants should work with their Administrator to:
    • Determine a default budget number and object code for charges because they are required to complete the online application.
    • Ensure that a ProCard Approver is set-up in ASTRA for the default budget.

How To Apply through Ariba - Online Application Form Instructions

  1. Log into ARIBA with UW NetID.
  2. Click on "Card Application" from the ARIBA Home Dashboard.
  3. Cardholder or designate person fills out all of the fields and submits the application. The system will automatically add the ProCard Approver to the approval flow based on the default budget provided on the application. Please note that:
    1. By submitting the online application, the card applicant/approver agrees with the card's terms and conditions.
    2. If someone other than the cardholder (designate) fills-out and completes the application, the cardholder is added to the Approval Flow of the request. After the ProCardAppover approves the request, the cardholder is required to go into the online application, edit it, and then submit it again to agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Department administrator/authorized Procard Approver reviews the cardholder information and clicks the Approve button.
  5. The ProCard Central Approver will review and process the application. (New applications are processed weekly.)
  6. New cardholders must complete the required training before they receive a ProCard account.


PaymentNet is the online system for reviewing transactions and allocating transactions to appropriate budget and account codes. Payments for purchases are processed centrally by UW Procurement Services.

Card Security

The ProCard should be treated with the same security as a personal credit card:

  • Keep it with you or lock it in a secure place
  • Do not write any portion of the ProCard number down or share the number with others.
  • Only use reputable vendors
  • Do not give the ProCard number to a merchant to "keep on file". Sending copies of the front and back of your ProCard to vendors with whom you are doing business is discouraged. This practice opens a greater window of opportunity for fraudulent activity to be placed on the card.
  • Beware of random requests for credit card information via email or phone as they are most likely scams. Please contact UW Procurement Card Services ( if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding a suspicious email or phone call.
  • Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to JP Morgan Chase and then to UW Procurement Card Services (206-543-5252).

JP Morgan Chase:

  • Inside the U.S.: 1-800-270-7760 / 1-800-VISA-911
  • Outside the U.S./Canada: 1-801-281-5825 / 1-410-581-9994

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