Important Purchasing Rules:

  • The UW ProCard is used for official UW business only. Never use the ProCard for personal expenses.
  • Never split charges to stay under the $3,500 single transaction limit. 
  • Purchases should be delivered to a department or business location addresses only. Deliveries to a home address requires department approval prior to purchase.
  • Review the allowable and unallowable expenditures. 
  • All contracts must be submitted through the Contract Review Form (RV) in Ariba for review before requesting a Card Limit Increase. 

Important Notice: The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2020 includes prohibitions to support national security considerations related to the following five Chinese telecommunication firms: Huawei Technologies, Company or ZTE Corporation, Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, or Dahua Technology Company (or any subsidary or affiliate of these entities: Products manufactured or sold by these companies should not be purchased). 

Before placing a ProCard order, or purchasing from a supplier through Amazon, departments should review the list of excluded parties in SAM (System for Award Management) for entities excluded from receiving federal awards for "covered telecommunications equipment or services" and ensure the company they are buying from either directly or through Amazon is in compliance with the NDAA, and has represented in SAM they are in compliance with FAR 52.204-26.


Transaction and Monthly Limit Increases

Purchasing Information for Special Commodities

Changing ProCard Defaults



Transaction and Monthly Limit Increases

Temporary Increase

ProCard single transaction limits are defaulted at $3,500 and monthly limits are defaulted at $20,000. Departments can manage card limits based on needs or policies and thus could have different monthly and single transaction card limits. To determine if a limit increase is needed, individual card limits can be reviewed in PaymentNet.

To request a temporary single or monthly transaction limit increase, submit the 'Card Limit Increase' form in Ariba attaching any documentation.

Permanent Increase

All permanent monthly or single transaction limit increases for cardholders should be requested through Ariba. Permanent monthly limit increase requests are reviewed by the ProCard Office. The business justification must be noted in the comment section indicating the request is for a permanent increase.


Purchasing Policy Information for Special Commodities:

Equipment Catering Events Up to $10,000 Advertising                                 
University Bookstore Policy Printer and Copier Policy Express Mail
Memberships Cell Phone Policy  



When using a ProCard for equipment purchases that exceed $5,000 each, you are required to complete the following step:

  • Tag and report equipment into the OASIS system as soon as you receive it. University policy requires that equipment be tagged within 24 hours of receipt. For more information about this process, visit the Equipment Inventory Office website.


Catering Events Up to $10,000

Important: All contracted catering events that exceeds $10,000 per vendor must be pre-approved by the Purchasing Department before the event. Vendor agreements or contracts must be reviewed and signed by a UW Purchasing buyer prior to the event. Please submit them for review by using the Contract Review form (RV) in Ariba. This only applies if the UW does not already have a pre-negotiated contract approved by Purchasing with the supplier. See the UW Contract Search

If the dollar limit increase is approved for your transaction, please follow these guidelines:

  • A deposit may be required by the vendor, but do not agree to pay for the entire event in advance.
  • Retain a record of your activities relating to this purchase in your departmental files, including a justification for selecting the particular caterer and copies of any correspondence between you and the vendor. If you used one of the caterers on our existing catering contract, indicate that. 



Departments may use their UW ProCard to pay for advertising placements up to any dollar amount in media such as newspapers, periodicals, radio, television and the internet. The ProCard should never be used to pay for advertising consultation, brokering or design services; it should only be used for ad placements. 


  • The department shall retain a complete record of all purchasing activities relating to this transaction in department files, including, but is not limited to, a justification for selecting the particular vendor and copies of any correspondence between the parties.
  • This process is for advertisement placement only and is not to be used for services such as marketing consultation, advertisement brokering or any other type of consulting services. 


University Bookstore Purchase Policy

Due to credit card security concerns, University Bookstore will not allow any ProCard charges made by anyone other than the cardholder. The individual whose name is on the card should be the person making the transaction – this is consistent with ProCard policy regarding card sharing.

Cardholder phone order with associate pick-up: Identify who will pick-up item and that individual must present ID upon receipt of purchased item. (Card or copy of card not needed.)


Policy Regarding Purchase of Printers and Copiers

The UW “Managed Print Services” (MPS) program is a streamlined way for campus customers to acquire printers and copiers. Contact the MPS team before you purchase or lease equipment at: The MPS team will provide you with a quote for equipment to best meet your needs.

(Note: If you have an existing copier lease currently being paid with ProCard or Non-PO Invoice, you may continue to use that process until the lease expires.)


Express Mail

If a department is using UPS or Fedex regularly, they may request a shipping ProCard ghost account through Ariba. Click here to learn more. Options include UPS, FedEx, and DHL.



Amazon Prime Membership: Business Prime annual membership is available for UW departments and the fee is funded centrally by UW Procurement Services. Departments do not have to pay for separate Prime memberships. 

  • To join: email and UW Procurement will have Amazon send you a request to confirm your email address and start using your account. Click here for more information.
  • For UW Medicine to join: Contact to sign up.

Amazon Prime membership may only be used for University business purposes and it is an ethics violation for the membership to be used for personal use.

Costco: ProCard may be used to purchase specific Costco memberships. Costco memberships may only be used for University business purpose and may not be used for personal use. Using a personal executive membership and seeking reimbursement is NOT allowed and is an ethics violation.

  • Gold Star Membership: Allowable
  • Business Membership: Allowable (business members must provide Costco with the appropriate resale information)
  • Executive Membership: Unallowable 

Links to RCW and WAC rules on personal use of state resources:


Cell Phone Policy

If a department has recurring cellular bills on a regular basis, they can request a telecom ProCard ghost card through Ariba. ProCard is the preferred method of payment to pay recurring cellular bills. Click here for more information.


Changing ProCard Defaults

  • Temporary or permanent increases need to be requested with the approval of a department administrator with delegated department budget authority. Fill out the Card Limit Increase form in Ariba and choose single or monthly limits and specify ProCard or CTA in the Notes section. Attach any documentation to the Ariba form.
  • Merchant blocks can be temporarily removed with the approval of a department administrator with delegated department budget authority.  Fill out the Card Limit Increase form in Ariba adding comments for the merchant category code that should be temporarily removed. Attach any documentation to the Ariba form.
  • Changing default budgets or object codes is done by sending an email request to
  • Updating Cardholder Information can be done by sending an email request to with the correct information.
  • Review access needs the approval of a department administrator with delegated department budget authority. Email This can be accomplished if the email request comes directly from the administrator or the administrator is copied by the cardholder and replies with an email approving the request.