This page provides information to set up online express mail accounts with payment via UW ProCurement Card accounts. 

Setting up Online Accounts with ProCurement Card Payment

ProCurement Card and "Ghost Accounts" for Express Mail Payment

If your department currently has a ProCurement Card, you can use the existing account to pay for express mail shipping (see steps with shipping vendors below). If you want to keep express mail payments separate from other purchasing done on your ProCurement Card, or if you ship a large volume of express mail packages (more than 15 per month) you can set up a ghost procurement account which is limited to express mail shipping charges.


UPS provides web-based shipping for express mail and ground shipping through UPS CampusShip that allows additional administrative controls and reports for departments with multiple shippers or locations. The University has a pricing agreement with UPS with significant discounts over retail shipping charges.
If you currently have a departmental UPS account that you want to change over to ProCurement Card payment, Please contact Enterprise Customer Support at (800) 877-1497.  

Please request your UPS account number set up on a credit card billing. You will need to provide these information:

  • Your UPS account number or shipper number
  • Credit card information
  • Let customer service know that only transactions from your individual UPS shipper number should be charged to your credit card.

If you want to set up a new UPS account, contact:

Michael States, Sales Representative
1-800-550-4184 x 114-2073

UPS CampusShip Technical Help Desk: 888-553-1118

Use your CampusShip login information sent to you by the CampusShip administrator:

 Contact if you have questions about CampusShip.



Open a new FedEx account or link your existing account to the state contract

All departments currently using the PAS consolidated FedEx account (first four digits 0981) must set up a departmental account with FedEx using online with payment by ProCurement Card. A department that does not currently have a ProCurement Card is encouraged to contact the ProCurement Card Team to set up a ghost procurement account which will be limited to express mail charges only.
To open a new FedEx account, or to add your existing account to the WA_WSCA contract, please call Govt. Billing at 800-645-9424. Tell them you are part of the State Government Account in Washington and you will be loaded with the correct pricing (approximately half of retail prices) within 24 hours. At this time, please give your procurement card or ghost account number for payment.

Detailed Tracking Visibility

To have visibility of tracking number level detail for your shipments when using a ProCurement card or Ghost account for payment, you must register for FedEx Billing Online.
(Do not choose "on line plus" as this will give you transaction level detail not available on your credit card bill.)

To have better control over your department's shipping, you can use FedEx Shipper Administration on This is a free product from FedEx that lets you assign users and passwords and thereby have better control over your FedEx Account number.

FedEx Resources

  • Technical Support - 1.877.339.2774 or go to
    • how to use Shipper Administration or Fedex online
  • Customer Service - 1.800.463.3339, say "representative"
    • pick-ups, tracking, tracing, claims and general questions
  • Billing Questions - 1.800.645.9424
    • for Account Balances, Statements, Credits and General Domestic and International Inquiries
  • FedEx International Packages - 1.800.274.4747
  • Sales Support -


DHL Express provides web-based express international shipping through an online platform called "My DHL Plus". To register go to DHL Express.
The UW has a discounted pricing program with DHL Express. If you want to set up a new DHL Express account, or if you currently have a department DHL Express account than you want to change over to ProCard payment, please call:
Clay Stevenson, Manager of International Sales 
National & Public Sector Accounts

Billing Department: 1-800-722-0081

Customer Service: 1-800-225-5345
Technical Support: 1-800-527-7298
DHL Express
1910 W Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85281


If you need additional information or have questions about best practices for your departmental express mail process, contact