Amazon Business Prime Benefits

Amazon Business Prime is designed to provide an Amazon shopping experience for business and institutional customers. Some of the benefits and features of Amazon Business Prime are:

  • Free two-day shipping on all prime eligible items
  • Business pricing and quantity discounts on select items
  • Business Prime annual membership fee is funded centrally by UW Procurement Services so UW Academy departments do not have to pay for separate Prime memberships.
  • Ability to create shopping list for frequently purchased items
  • Order Approval workflow and ability to administer account from a departmental level in multiple tiers
  • Business Analytics functionalities for each of the group administrators to gain better insights on their respective group’s spend in Amazon

Use of the Amazon Business Prime

  • UW departments should use the UW catalog contracts as their primary source to fulfill their procurement needs.  Amazon Business Prime should be used only if a department cannot find the same product(s) in the catalogs.


  • UW Procurement Services is having ongoing conversations with Amazon to explore additional electronic payment methods such as ePayables, but for now, Procurement Card (Procard) is the only method of payment for Amazon Business Prime. As Amazon Business Prime is intended for the purchase of goods for UW business only, use of any personal credit card as the payment method in Amazon Business Prime is prohibited.


  • Any use of the Amazon Business Prime is subject to the applicable UW policies and procedures for the acquisition of goods and services, including, UW Procurement Services rules and regulations and Procard use policies. UW personnel is prohibited from using Amazon Business Prime for personal purposes.


  • UW Procurement will perform periodic audits within Amazon Business Prime and reserves the right to deny access to department(s) who misuse Amazon Business Prime (such as using Amazon Business Prime to purchase items for personal use). Group administrators are strongly encouraged to audit the group(s) that they are responsible for to ascertain all purchases made within Amazon Business Prime are in accordance with their respective departmental procurement guidelines and policies.


To join UW's Amazon Business Account:

  • Email the following to and we will have Amazon send you a request to confirm your email address and start using your account.
  1. Name of your group: This is typically your official department name.  If your school or department already have an existing group, your group may be added as a sub-group under the existing school or department.


  2. Names, email and desired role(s) of the people to be invited to your group: people may be designated as a group Administrator (someone who has access to group admin settings) or simply as a User.  Larger group may consider having multiple Administrators for coverage. After the initial set up, each group Administrator may either add additional User(s) by going to Business Settings/Add people, or remove User(s) by going to Business Settings/People/Actions/Remove from Group.


  • In the event a UW department created a separate Amazon Business account outside of the UW master Business Prime, they must first deregister such “rogue” account before anyone who is associated with that account can be invited to join UW’s master Amazon Business Prime account and enjoy the Business Prime benefits. A good way to tell if your account is “rogue” is if you don’t see the Business Prime logo on the upper left-hand corner of your Business Account webpage.

For additional information: