The following units are under the direction of:

  • Mark Conley, Executive Director, Procurement Services  |  206-543-4211
  • Pramilla Chand, Director, Procurement Services Operations  |  206-616-9021
  • Steve Lang, Senior Program Director, Procurement Services IT and Systems Support  |  206-616-5953
  • Teresa Athan, Manager, Travel Office  |  206-685-9328

Accounts Payable

Manager:  Aris Gempesaw  |  |  206-543-9183

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Hong Hae Soon 206-543-9521
Kwong Ricky 206-221-9099

Patel Deven 206-221-6426
Leggins Brittany 206-543-9897


Last Name First Name Phone Email
Moran Linda 206-616-9126
Jones Leslie 206-685-8110
Bayya Maria 206-616-8363

Card Services

Manager:  Aris Gempesaw  |  |  206-543-9183

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Patton Robert 206-685-6673
Lemoncelli Tamra 206-616-4918

Major Projects

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Lowdon John 206-221-2413
Hsu Ray 206-543-0793

Policy, Business Diversity Program, Sustainability, Small Business

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Christensen Claudia  206-543-4156

Projects and Sourcing

Manager:  Steve Ebling  |  |  206-685-0215

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Benner Marion 206-221-2954
Lake Dawn 206-543-0814
Magill Lynn 206-221-8082
Schaler David 206-543-5838
Sherwood Graham 206-685-9074

Procurement Customer Service

Manager: Tina Schlotfeldt-Padilla  |  |  206-543-8804

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Adler Debra 206-221-7924
Chua Norma 206-543-0616
Hersey Sharon 206-616-3141
Nelson Joshua 206-685-0378
Nguyen Tina-Tien 206-685-7361

Procurement Systems & IT

Sr. Program Director:  Steve Lang  |   |  206-616-5953

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Ericksen Karen 206-221-7366
Mellema Jeff 206-685-0103
Morris Ginny 206-221-7846

Purchasing and Contracting

Manager:  Steve Ebling |  |  206-685-0215

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Drapeau Rachel 206-897-1601

Ellefson Kassy 206-543-5827
Huang Ping 206-616-5946
Hardie Robert 253-692-4878
Springer Liz 206-543-7032
Olsen-Demarest Tricia 206-543-5817

Training/Revolving Fund/Field Advances

Manager:  Pramilla Chand  |  |  206-616-9021

Last Name First Name Phone Email
Whitney John 206-543-0097
Nicholson Heather 206-685-0377
Bourg Emily 206-685-0494
Hong Arnold 206-221-8931


Manager:  Teresa Athan  |  |  206-685-9328

Last Name First Name Phone Email
McGarey Kele 206-221-3509

Department Email Contacts

Email Use email address for: Any invoices or inquiries from foreign suppliers not in ARIBA related to wire payments. Not for ACH. Suppliers who are not enabled in ARIBA submit invoices for manual ARIBA PO (not BPO invoices). Not for enabled ARIBA suppliers or UW departments to submit invoices. Departmental invoice reconciliation questions. Requesting an ITIN appointment for UW students and invited guests. Any payments or inquiries related to foreign nationals and classified as a non-resident alien. Supplier invoice inquiries, ARIBA assistance and all other inquiries not listed here. Departmental approved foreign subcontract invoices. 1099-Misc and other 1099 related inquiries.

Vendor/supplier set up and maintenance questions.