Equipment Inventory has oversight of the proper tagging, reporting, and controls of more than 38,516 equipment assets with a value of $820M (as of 6/30/17). 



Friday, November 16, 2018 - New account code available: 03-65. Account Code 03-65 (Outside Services - M&E Tax Exempt) will be available in Ariba beginning November 16th for Purchase Orders (EI) and Blanket Purchase Orders (BPO). The account code is used for service contracts that are related to equipment that qualifies for the M&E tax exemption, which is research equipment used at least 50% of its useful (depreciable) life for qualifying research and development projects based on the state M&E Tax Exemption policy. The new account code will include services such as repairs, maintenance, calibration and installation which were previously coded to object code 05-41.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - EIO has a new M&E Checklist. Unlike previous versions, this is a comprehensive listing of all aspects pertaining to M&E: qualifying research, approved purchasing methods, and more, as well as links to additional information, and 'whys' for some of the requested information. It can be viewed here.