The following equipment items must be tagged by the receiving department upon receipt:

  • Items acquired by purchase, gift, or transfer.
  • Items furnished or loaned to the University from federal agencies for at least six months that cost $5,000 or more.  Items received from federal agencies costing less than $5,000 do not need to be tagged upon receipt but must be monitored and accounted for separately by the receiving department.

Official government transfer documents must accompany equipment upon arrival.

Equipment Inventory's Federal Program Coordinator should be contacted to ensure proper processing of all transfer documents regardless of cost.

The department should create evidence of receipt by signing and dating a receiving report or transfer document upon delivery of equipment.

Designated individuals (inventory contacts) in each department are to be authorized to check the condition of the equipment, sign for delivery, tag equipment within 3-7 days after receipt (unless prior arrangements are made with EIO), and either enter the information into the Asset Entry/Inquiry Screen of OASIS as a T-status, or submit a completed UW Equipment Information Card to Equipment Inventory.

The department should maintain the following documents for a minimum of four, and preferable six, years for audit research purposes (see the General Record Retention Schedule):

  • Receiving and shipping documents
  • Evidence of receipt (usually an authorized signature and date on a receiving report or transfer document upon delivery)
  • Official government transfer documents of federally furnished or loaned equipment


Last updated 25 February 2019