Movement is the relocation from one area to another.

Movement of equipment must be authorized and documentation generated to show changes in location.  The movement of equipment must be posted to the property record (OASIS) and supporting documentation retained in the department's inventory files for audit purposes (copy of Property Activity Request - Form 1024 and/or Physical Inventory).   If the movement is within the same department and OASIS is updated by the departmental inventory contact, then no supporting documentation is necessary.


The department is responsible for the movement and storage of all equipment in their custody.


Movement can be completed in one of the following ways:

Specific responsibilities related to movement of equipment include:

  • Maintaining a form or log to track short-term movement of equipment (i.e. laptops) for authorized purposes.  The form should contain the following:
    • Initial date
    • Users name
    • Description quantity
    • Tag number
    • Serial number
    • Return date
  • Assuming responsibility (any person removing property from authorized locations) for seeing that appropriate care is taken regarding transportation and security and that equipment is returned in satisfactory working condition.

Note:  Equipment removed from authorized locations is subject to immediate recall at any time to meet higher priority operational commitments.

  • Verifying the location of equipment during a departmental physical inventory.
  • When moving government owned equipment from one location to another on campus or to another facility:
    • Submitting the proper documentation including a Property Activity Request - Form 1024 and shipping documents.
    • Getting authorization for the move from appropriate departmental officials
    • Providing adequate physical protection for the equipment during the move including packing, covering, skidding prevention, the use of property handling equipment, proper procedures and techniques, and safety precautions.
    • Contacting Equipment Inventory for assistance since prior approval from the granting agency may be required.


Specific responsibilities related to storage of equipment include:

  • Offering adequate physical security and protection for assets stored inside and outside.
  • Protecting items in storage from corrosion, humidity, temperature, and aging.
  • Limiting accessibility to authorized personnel.
  • Offering additional physical security and protection for sensitive items.

Equipment Loans to Outside Entities

Contact the Equipment Inventory Office for the proper procedure.


Property Activity Request - Form 1024