Most Frequently Used Forms

Manufacturer's Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate

This form should only be used as an attachment to orders in Ariba.  Any other use is considered unauthorized.  Samir Khoury is the only authorized person to sign these forms on behalf of the University of Washington.  His electronic signature is already included on this form.  The University has verified with the Washington State Department of Revenue that an electronic signature is acceptable.

The certificate is indicated for single-use only - do not change or alter that designation. Not all University work qualifies for the exemption, thus not all orders with a vendor will qualify.

Both pages of the certificate must be attached to an order; the second page contains information that is important for the seller to receive.

To view a brief video on how to complete and attach your Department of Revenue (DOR) certificate an Ariba order, please view this brief video. To order more equipment tags, or request a reprint of a white tag, please visit this page.

Tag Request Form


Updated 29 August 2023



Other Equipment Forms & Templates
Customs Letter Template
Equipment Usage Template

If you are unable to access the web due to unique circumstances, please contact EIO to arrange for an alternate submission process. This template should be used by recharge centers who purchase equipment under the Machinery and Equipment (M&E) Exemption.

Excel Template for Tracking Non-Inventorial Assets

EIO does not encourage departments to add non-inventorial assets to OASIS unless they are willing to update changes in the system (custodian, location, etc.). OASIS is an auditable database, and if your department is being audited, all records could be reviewed. However, it is recognized that departments may wish to track such equipment internally, so EIO has developed this Excel template for that purpose.

Home Equipment Agreement

This may be used by departments in addition to the University's HR Telework documentation requirements.

M&E Checklist for Purchases

A handy reference to ensure your Machinery and Equipment Tax Exemption orders get approved the first time through.

Last updated 29 August 2023