Non-inventorial (Non-capital) Equipment is tangible property other than land, buildings, improvements other than buildings, or infrastructure with a unit cost (including ancillary costs) of less than $5,000 which is used in operations and with a useful life of more than one year.  Non-inventorial equipment is not capitalized.

Non-inventorial equipment is the responsibility of campus departments.  The guidance below may be helpful to ensure non-inventorial assets are being properly safeguarded.


Non-inventorial equipment is acquired using the following object codes:


Tagging and tracking non-inventorial equipment is optional. 

If a department decides to tag non-inventorial equipment, the Equipment Inventory Office (EIO) will provide non-inventorial tags.  Please complete an Equipment Tag Request to obtain these.

If a department decides to track non-inventorial equipment, EIO recommends one of the following options for doing so:

  • (Preferred option) Enter items into an Excel worksheet or Access database.  EIO has created a Non-inventorial Equipment Tracking Template in Excel that may help.
  • Enter items into OASIS (N-Status).  It is the department's responsibility enter these in OASIS. 
    • EIO does not enter Equipment Information Forms for non-inventorial assets into OASIS.  These will be returned to the department.
    • Someone in your department will need to go through the appropriate training to obtain access to OASIS.  Please see OASIS Training for additional details.
    • Any OASIS record is an auditable record.  If you choose to track non-inventorial equipment using this method, please be sure to inventory, update, and delete non-inventorial items timely.  EIO does not monitor non-inventorial OASIS items.


Non-inventorial equipment should be disposed of through the Equipment Disposal - Standard (Surplus) process.  If a department decided to track non-inventorial equipment in OASIS, be sure to include the tag number on the Moving & Surplus Online Surplus Request Form.  EIO will receive automatic notification from Moving & Surplus and will delete these items out of OASIS for you.

Tracking in OASIS

EIO will not enter non-inventorial assets into the OASIS system. It is up to the department to enter, update, and delete these assets if they wish to track them in OASIS. Be aware OASIS is an auditable system, and may not be the best way for departments to track non-inventorial assets.


Last updated 02 October 2023