Requisitioner Resources for Equipment Acquisition in Workday

Unit Asset Coordinator Resources and Job Aids for Asset Management in Workday

  • User Guide: Use the Unit Asset Coordinator Alert Notification to find assets that are missing one or more of the following required fields: Issued to (asset custodian), asset location, asset identifier (physical tag). The alert report is updated and runs once a week on Fridays.
  • User Guide: Asset Transfers.  Transfer is used to change an existing “Issued to” person, add or edit an asset worktag, or change an existing location (or add the asset location if you forgot to do this during the “Issue to Worker” step).
  • User Guide: Asset Disposals. Unit Asset Coordinators may initiate asset disposals for these disposal types: Lost, Stolen, Disposed at Sea, Cannibalized (last updated 11 October 2023).
    • Note the asset surplus process has not changed; Unit Asset Coordinators should not select disposal type “Surplus.” Use the form on the UW Facilities web site to submit a surplus request.
  • User Guide: Oasis Data Conversion to Workday: Learn which Oasis asset records and fields were converted to Workday.


Additional Resources

Last updated 07 February 2024