Cell Phone Service

In order to provide the most comprehensive cellular phone service and superior coverage across the campus, the University has established contracts with two preferred carriers, AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile. These discounts range from from 15% - 21% for UW Departments, 15% - 18% for employees and special offers and rate plans for students, and are available to employees of the University and affiliated organizations (Affiliates List). Other vendors may also offer discounts.

The University’s recommended method to purchase cell phones and to pay recurring cellular bills is with the UW ProCard Ghost Account which is restricted to telecom charges only. If you currently do not have a Ghost ProCard, please go to the UW Connect Card Services Form for creating a 'Ghost ProCard application'.  Once you have your cell phone ghost ProCard, proceed with the following steps:

  • Ensure that your cellular account will automatically charge to your ProCard Ghost Card account on a monthly basis using the appropriate spend category for this type of expense. You will be responsible for viewing your account information for accuracy and approving the payments on-line in a timely manner or according to your payment due date. Any late/penalty fees or invoice disputes will be the responsibility of the cellular user and the department.
  • After you have obtained authorization from your department administration you may contact one or more of the cellular phone company representatives listed below, and have them help you decide on the proper phone and accessories.
    • AT&T Mobility can provide access to their live Web Portal to view phones, plans, and allow you to purchase a UW paid cell phone.
    • Verizon Wireless has links below to their "View Only" Web pages.

Preferred Carriers

The UW has established strategic, preferred partnerships with two cellular carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile. To view these options, visit IT Connect.