The ProCard Office is the administrator for the ProCard program, while responsibility of card usage lies with the individual cardholder and department. Therefore, consider the following responsibilities:









These are department purchasing agents responsible for approved business related purchases, obtaining sufficient documentation for purchases and performing the first level of transaction review within PaymentNet.

See Cardholder Agreement.

Cardholder Responsibilities

  • Discuss your request for a ProCard with the appropriate department administrator in your area.
  • Review card security best practices here.
  • Complete the ProCard Cardholder Training eLearning with assessment quiz.
  • Complete and submit the Cardholder application form in Ariba.
  • Understand your specific reconciling responsibilities in PaymentNet.
    • Check the cardholder box
    • Allocate to the appropriate budget & object code for each purchase
    • Enter transaction notes in the transaction note box
  • Understand your department's purchase approval procedure.
  • For questions about what you are allowed to purchase, email
  • Enroll in PaymentNet after receiving login credentials from the ProCard Office. 
  • Activate the card following procedures emailed from the ProCard Office.
  • Sign the card when received.



Individuals reconciling department ProCard purchases other than their own.

Reviewer Responsibilities: 
  • If unfamiliar with ProCard, we recommend completing the ProCard Cardholder Training eLearning.
  • Understand your specific reconciling responsibilities in PaymentNet.
    • Check the reviewer box
    • Verify the budget and object code for each purchase
    • Verify transaction notes based on department policy
  • Maintain source documentation for cardholder purchases in compliance with UW retention policy.


Department Administrator

The department head or administrator with delegated signature authority for department budget expenditures, and ultimately responsible for the management of the ProCard Card Program in their College or Department.

Department Administrator Responsibilities: 
  • Complete the ProCard Administrator eLearning 
  • Create a written department policy establishing internal procedures and identifying ProCard responsibilities for department staff including backups.
  • Determine who should have a ProCard.
  • Ensure that cardholders and reviewers completes the online training & quiz.
  • Check completed Ariba application for accuracy and completeness.
  • Delegate ProCard roles and responsibilities for the department.
  • Manage the ProCard program within the department.
  • Assign a departmental default budget for card.
  • Administrators and Reviewers have the ability to monitor all department cardholder activity.