Active UW Contracts Search

A list of UW contracted suppliers. Use the contract number to get the contracted price. Browse each supplier for contract information. Click here.

Internal Controls

Financial Accounting's guide to internal controls. Click here.

Spend Categories

Proper code classification is essential to the timely processing of expenditure transactions. Spend categories will be required for all transactions.

ProCard Verification

ProCard verification is a critical component of department internal control to ensure that each ProCard transaction is reviewed by at least two people, the cardholder and the reviewer. Click here.

Procurement Desktop Reports

***As of June 2023, these reports are no longer being updated. They will be temporarily available after 7/6 Go Live of Workday***Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) are a suite of web based reports developed by Procurement Services.  The reports draw data from the PAS Data Warehouse and JP Morgan Chase PaymentNet and are updated nightly or as new data is available. Click here.

Purchasing with ProCard

  • Provides information what type of commodities are allowed and not allowed on a ProCard
  • ProCard limit increase procedure and instructions
  • Click here to review the Purchasing with a ProCard page

Receipt Policy

Click here to view the UW Receipt Policy page.

Sales and Use Tax

  • Click here to learn more about tax at the Tax Office.
  • Click here to learn more about reconciling Use Tax for ProCard.
  • Click here for the Tax Office Taxability Grid

ProCard Overview

To receive an overview of ProCard, click here.


Click here for ProCard eLearning and How-To guide options.


To review frequently asked questions about ProCard, click here.