Effort Reporting Has Moved to PAFC

Effective 1/1/2023, the effort reporting compliance team within Sponsored Programs Finance moved from Management Accounting and Analysis (MAA) to Post Award Fiscal Compliance (PAFC). This encompasses a change in where web content for effort reporting is housed. Moving forward, it will be on PAFC's website (https://finance.uw.edu/pafc/) under the Effort Reporting menu tab. Continual updates will be made throughout the rest of the calendar year (2023) to rebuild web content to reflect new systems and processes.

Effort Reporting Timeline Jun-Oct 2023

Download the pdf version here

Faculty Effort Certification (FEC)

eFECS has retired. All outstanding certifications/recertifications of FECs must be completed manually outside of the system through a process facilitated by the effort team. We are working through a backlog of these FECs in this situation and will be reaching out once we have a pdf version of the FEC that can be certified.

Grant and Contract Certification Report (GCCR)

The GCCR process has been replaced by  functionality in ECC (new effort reporting system for UW). Any transfers that impact legacy GCCRs must be made manually on the report with the corresponding pay periods involved in the transfer (via changes in adobe or by hand). The PI must initial these changes and resign the report prior to the report being refiled with the accompanying documentation of the transfer.

Effort Reporting Contacts  

Matthew L. Gardner 
Assistant Director
206 543-2610

David Parks
Compliance Analyst