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The space utilization survey is the most critical part of the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) or indirect cost proposal. The results of the survey determine how most of the facility costs (depreciation, interest, and operations and maintenance expenses) in the F&A cost proposal will be allocated to University functions such as instruction and organized research. Because space has a substantial impact upon the F&A rate, it is essential to accurately determine and assign the utilization of each room to the correct function(s).

What is the Space Utilization Survey and Functional Coding?

The space utilization survey is the process of assigning the actual functional use coding and percent of use to campus space. Put another way, the space utilization survey gathers data on the specific use of campus space. This differs from the space inventory in that the inventory determines and assigns codes on the general use of space (i.e., primary use). Functional use codes used for the space utilization survey are based on guidance from Uniform Guidance CFR 2, Part 200, Subpart E and defined in the University's Space Functional Use Definitions.

Base Year Survey 2023

The University-wide space survey for calculating the next F&A rate submission will take place in the first half of 2023. The Maximus WebSpace Survey Tool will be the space system of record for the UW F&A rate proposal. Information in WebSpace were populated from the data in the University’s space management system Space Manager. Updates to Space Manager made through November 30th, 2022 were transferred to WebSpace allowing departments time to prepare and reduce the number of changes needed during the space survey.

In preparation of the base year space survey, departments ensured their space inventory was up to date. Renovations or other changes that require updated floor plans, reach out to facilities at For rooms transferred between departments, email  Departments were also encouraged to review PIs, occupants, and budget numbers associated with research space. With this information current, departments will be able to confirm the base year information uploaded to WebSpace and will need to make fewer edits during the survey. 

Office Hours - Space Survey 

Office hours for the FY23 space survey have concluded. Please email with any remaining questions or schedule a one-on-one meeting. 

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