Questions to Consider

Questions to Consider

Determine whether a new center is justified

  • Is the demand for the proposed services sustainable and ongoing?
    • If the services are only needed on an intermittent basis, a new center might not be justified.
  • How long do you expect the products/services to be in demand?
    • If the services are only going to be in demand for a short time (due to technological changes, etc.) a new center might not be justified.
  • How will the proposed center cover costs until the proposed level of activity is reached?
    • It is important the new center have a clear financial plan.
  • Are there others providing the same or similar service, either internally or externally to the UW?
    • The number of serivce providers and the rates charged may affect the need for another provider.

Determine how the rates are going to be calculated

  • What are the goods/services being provided?
  • Who will be the primary users of the goods/services?
    • Campus - Federal or Non-federal
    • Public community
  • What portion of income will be from federal grants and contracts?
  • How many services will be offered?
  • Can goods/services with common customers and similar costs be combined into one rate?
  • How will the service be charged? For example, per hour, per item, etc.
  • Will equipment costing more than $5,000 be used in the recharge center?
  • When will the center begin charging for providing goods/services?
  • Will any costs to provide the goods/service be paid from departmental funds?
  • Will the department provide resources as the center gets up and running and how much?


  • Determine whether the activity will be classified as a transfer or a sale.
  • Refer to the Budget Type Flowchart to determine which budget type is appropriate for the activity.
  • If a recharge center is needed, contact MAA to discuss proposed services, recharge center guidelines, etc.
  • Prepare a rate proposal.
  • Obtain Dean or VP office and MAA approval for the rates. These can be obtained concurrently.
  • Once the proposal has been approved, MAA contacts the Budget Office to establish a budget number for the center.
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