How do I reverse a CT? I made an error.

First, email to confirm whether your CT has been uploaded or not.  Email is the preferred communication method for this as multiple people in B&AO upload CT's.

If your CT was uploaded and posted to your budget (check MyFD to verify), submit the same CT and make the dollar amounts negative.  Do not make any additional edits.  Once your reversed CT has been submitted, you can submit a new/corrected CT to be uploaded.

What is a CT number? What is a bank sequence number? Where do I find this?

The CT# field is a reference number created within the university department.  The field is limited to six numbers and/or letters.  It is used for tracking CT information within your area.

The bank sequence number for check/cash deposits is located on the bottom left-hand corner of UW deposit slips.

The bank sequence number for an ACH or wire transaction begins with "85" and can be requested from