Internal Sales Document

The INTERNAL SALES DOCUMENT (ISD) is used exclusively for recording sales of services or supplies by service centers and auxiliary enterprises to other University of Washington entities. The only budgets that can issue charges using an ISD are those within the auxiliary enterprise and service funds that have been authorized. These are typically budgets that begin with 08, 14, 15, 16, or 25.

Internal Billing Policy for all University schools, colleges, campuses, units, and affiliate institutions that provide goods and/or services to other Univeristy departments.

To authorize a budget to issue ISDs

Email and cc your Dean or Director. In your email include:

  • Budget Name
  • Budget Number
  • Department Administrator’s name and phone number
  • Department name
  • Description of services provided or supplies sold
  • Estimated number of transactions
  • Estimated dollar volume per year.

Submitting an ISD

**As directed on the invoice, create a consecutive numbering system for invoice numbers.  Duplicate invoices cannot be uploaded.**

Pick up the INTERNAL SALES DOCUMENT FORM (ISD) by clicking on the link. Email it to for processing. Instructions for filling out an ISD are attached to the form. The ISD form can be saved to your computer for later reference.

Remember, the issuing department must provide the details of all transactions directly to the charged department. To facilitate its project cost accounting, the charged department may provide codes to the issuing department to complete the “Task”, “Option”, and “Project” fields of the ISD form.


A charge should be billed before the close of the month following the date the good was received or the service was performed. For example, if a service was performed in January, it should be billed by February close. Financial Accounting monitors the timeliness of billings and has the authority to remove a department's authorization to issue ISDs. To report a late Internal Sales Document (ISD) billing to Financial Accounting, email Include your budget number, month the late charge was posted to your budget, transaction amount and ISD number.

Record Retention

All ISD issuing departments must maintain adequate accounting records to substantiate charges for goods and services. Records must be retained for six years and be available upon request for audit purposes.

All transfers to federal grants must be made in accordance with Grants Information Memorandum #15.

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