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UW Finance

UW Finance Leadership

Brian McCartan - Director, UW Finance

Brian McCartan

Vice President for Finance

Brian McCartan is Vice President for Finance, overseeing the central finance functions of the University, including Financial Accounting, Treasury, Sponsored Programs Finance, and Enterprise Services. In addition, McCartan sponsors the Finance Transformation (FT) program to replace the University’s legacy financial systems.

UW Finance Units

Jessica Bertram

Associate Vice President, Enterprise Services

Jessica Bertram oversees the Tax Office, Procurement Services, Global Operations Support, Office of Merchant Services, Publication and Mailing Services, Finance DataGroup, Public Records and Records Management.

Enterprise Services


Annette Sommer

Interim Associate Vice President, Finance, and UW Treasurer

Annette is responsible for debt management, (including bond portfolio management and the Internal Lending Program), treasury operations and accounting, cash governance, financial forecasting, and UW's faculty housing assistance program.

Treasury Office

Erick Winger - Controller and Executive Director, Financial Accounting
Erick Winger

Controller and Executive Director, Financial Accounting

Erick oversees Financial Accounting and Reporting and the Equipment Inventory Office.

Financial Accounting

Casey Erickson (formerly St.Clair)

Assistant Vice President, Sponsored Programs Finance

Casey oversees Research Compliance and Operations, Post-Award Fiscal Compliance, Research and Cash Accounting, Grant and Contract Accounting, Special Projects and Reporting, and Management Accounting and Analysis.

Sponsored Programs Finance