Part Time

Cost Share for part time faculty should be represented as a percentage of their part time appointment. For example, if a faculty has a 50% appointment and a 10% Cost Share Commitment, the Commitment is 10% of the 50% appointment. In terms of dollars, it would be 10% of the 50% salary.

Example: faculty with 50% appointment, a 10% Cost Share Commitment, and a full time rate of $100,000

  •   Value of Cost Share Commitment = $5,000 (50% x 10% x $100,000)
  •   Person months  = .6 (10% x 50% x 12 months) 

Entry into the Cost Share Addendum

  •  The IBS entered in the Cost Share Addemdum would be $50,000
  • The Cost Share Commitment effort would be 10% 

Faculty Paid Direct (PDR) :

Represents faculty with another appointment outside UW (e.g. VA, another University). The Cost Share Commitment is calculated based on the percentage of their UW appointment.  For example, if the faculty had a 50% UW appointment and a 10% Cost Share Commitment, the Cost Share would be .5% (50% x 10%).  

A/B Faculty:

This earn type represents faculty whose total effort is a combination of department guaranteed funding (A component) and external, e.g., grant, gift funding (B component). The A component is fixed therefore, if the external funding is lost the faculty salary is reduced by all or part of the B component. 

For example: 

  • If the B component represents an Award with 20% of the salary, the salary would be reduced to 80% of the full time rate.
  • If the B component consisted of two Awards at 10% each and one Award terminates, the salary would be reduced to 90% of the full time rate (80% A component and 10% B component).

Cost Share is based on new reduced IBS

  • If the Cost Share Commitment is effort based, the pledge dollars need to be recalculated using the current IBS.  Do not recalculate previously certified cycles.
  • If the Cost Share Commitment is dollar based, the faculty will be required to contribute additional Cost Share to meet the dollar commitment. This may be additional effort (%) or other contributed costs depending upon the terms of the Award with the Cost Share Commitment.

Salary Cap

As all Cost Share Contributions must be an allowable expense, the Cost Share Commitment can only be based on the portion of the salary that is under the Salary Cap. 
The salary cap threshold must be prorated for part time employees using the Average Paid FTE percent displayed on the FEC.
Example : faculty with a 50% appointment and an IBS of $100,000.
  •  Salary cap is $196,700
  •   50% of the cap  = $98,350 (50%*$196,700)
  • The prorated salary cap cost sharing = $1650 ($100,000-$98,350)