Part Time

When committing cost share for part time faculty the cost share should represent a percentage of their part time appointment. For instance, if a faculty member has a 50% appointment and a 10% cost share commitment, the commitment is 10% of the 50% appointment. In terms of dollars, the commitment would be 10% of the 50% salary.

Example: faculty with 50% appointment, committing 10% cost share and a full time rate of $100,000

  •   A 10% cost share on the grant = $5,000 ($100,000 x 50% x 10%)
  •   The person months or equivalent % (e.g. 5%) should be listed in the proposal.
  •  The IBS entered in the Cost Share Calculator should be $50K
  •  10% should be entered on the GC1 Addendum for entry  into the Cost Share Module by GCA

When preparing a proposal, the cost share should be calculated in person months based on the part time rate.

  •    In our example above: (10% * 12 months)*.50= 0.6 person months.
  •   (Percent cost share * # months of the cost share) * appointment FTE
The eFECS Cost Share Module will calculate cost share with this logic.

Faculty Paid Direct (PDR) :

Represents faculty with another appointment outside UW (e.g. VA, another University or Industry, etc.). The effort commitment (paid by the award and/or cost shared) is the percentage of UW IBS.  It does NOT include PDR.

A/B Faculty:

This earn type represents faculty whose total effort is a combination of department guaranteed funding (A component) and external, e.g., grant, gift funding (B component). The A component is fixed therefore, when the external funding is lost, e.g., grant terminates, the faculty salary is reduced by all or part of the B component. 

For instance,

  • If the B component represents a single grant with 20% of the salary, the salary would be reduced to 80% of the full time rate.
  • If the B component consisted of two grants at 10% salary each and only one grant terminates, the salary would be reduced to 90% of the full time rate (80% A component and 10% B component).

Cost share is based on new reduced IBS

  • If cost share is proposed as a percent, the pledge dollars need to be recalculated using the current IBS.  Do not recalculate previously certified cycles.
  • If cost share is proposed in dollars, the PI will be required to contribute additional cost share. This   may be additional effort % or other contributed costs.

Salary Cap

The salary cap threshold must be prorated for part time employees using the Average Paid FTE percent displayed on the FEC.
Example : faculty with an FTE of 50% and an IBS of $100,000.
  •  Salary cap is $196,700
  •   50% of the cap  = $98,350 (50%*$196,700)
  • The prorated salary cap cost sharing = $1650 ($100,000-$98,350)