When preparing a grant proposal for faculty who are working less than 100% FTE, the direct salary requested should be based on a percentage of their institutional base salary (IBS), not their full time rate.

When a faculty member with a full time rate of $100,000 has a 50% appointment and is requesting 10% salary support, the commitment represents 10% of the 50% appointment.
  •  Salary:                   10% of the 50% salary, $5,000 ($100,000 x 50% x 10%)
  •  Person Months   10% of 50% time, 0.6 person months.
  •  Percent Effort:      10% of 50% time, or 5%
Note: When preparing a proposal requiring cost sharing, the cost share should also be calculated in person months based on the part time rate. See "Cost Share for Faculty with Less than 1 FTE."

How Does this Look on the FEC?

The FEC will show the average paid FTE in the top left hand corner of the FEC under the faculty member's name and department information. For faculty working less than 1 FTE this will be less than 100%.
The total of the distributions on the FEC will always equal 100% and represent 100% of the compensated effort paid by the University of Washington.
The percent effort on each grant should be a reasonable reflection of the person months (translated into percent effort) committed in the proposal multiplied by the FTE percent. The department should not try to reconcile the percent effort on the FEC to the percents in Workday. These percents do not include IBS components that do not have FTE associated with them such as Administrative and Endowed (ADS and ENS)supplements or clinical salary paid through UWP and CUMG.