Review K Awards for Level of Effort Requirements

Independent Mentored Awards (K01, K07 Developmental, K08, K22, K23, K25, K99/R00)

  • For mentees, determine the K Award effort requirement, typically 9 person months or 75%.


Institutional Mentored Awards (K12, KL2)

  • Scholars on these awards generally have a 9 month, 75% effort commitment.


Non-Mentored Awards (K05, K07 Leadership, K18, K24)

  • Normally the non-mentored awards require between 3-6 month -25%-50% effort. The K02, however, may require 75% effort. Review each non-mentored award to determine the effort requirement.


Determine Compliance with Effort Commitment

  • Determine if the level of paid effort meets the requirement (e.g. 75%). If it does, no cost sharing is required.
    • Salary cap cost sharing is considered effort on the K Award and included in the total effort requirement.
  • If the K Award was not active for the entire cycle, prorate the percent requirement accordingly.
  • For faculty whose average paid FTE is less than 100%, departments should ensure that the faculty member is contributing the 9 months required by the award.


To add cost share documenting required effort (e.g. 75%)

  • Click the “Adjust/View Cost Share” button on the online FEC.             
  • Choose “Add Item”

  • Select the K Award budget # from the drop down list
  • Select “K Award” as Cost Share Type (for R00 awards, select "Short Term Shift" type)
  • Enter the Cost Share %
  • Press “Save”

  • Cost share percentage will now appear on the FEC. The % in the total line should be 75% or the negotiated effort commitment, if different.

Faculty Cost Share: /fm/maa/fec/costshare                    Questions: