Effort for Faculty Less Than 1 FTE

Effort Web Content has moved to PAFC

Effective 1/1/2023, the effort reporting compliance team within Sponsored Programs Finance moved from Management Accounting and Analysis (MAA) to Post Award Fiscal Compliance (PAFC). This encompasses a change in where web content for effort reporting is housed. Moving forward, it will be on PAFC's website (https://finance.uw.edu/pafc/) under the Effort Reporting menu tab. Continual updates will be made throughout the rest of the calendar year (2023) to rebuild web content to reflect new systems and processes.


How Does this Look on the FEC?

The FEC will show the average paid FTE in the top left hand corner of the FEC under the faculty member's name and department information. For faculty working less than 1 FTE this will be less than 100%.  For example half time employees will show as:

Avg. Paid FTE: 50.0%


The total of the distributions on the FEC will always equal 100% and represent 100% of the compensated effort paid by the University of Washington.  So even if the FTE is 50% up on top the allocations on the bottom grid will always add to 100%.

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