Allocation of Effort

Allocation of Effort as a Percent of Total IBS

Once effort is classified into either a sponsored or non-sponsored category (see Classification of Effort), the next step is to allocate it to the various types of effort performed by faculty. This is done by allocating effort by percentages to the various sponsored projects and other University activities for which the faculty provide effort.

FEC Coordinators and faculty have a working view of the FEC referred to as the "Online FEC" which reflects dollars as well as percentages and provides drill down capability to individual transactions.

After all necessary adjustments are made using the detailed view, the faculty certify the "Summary FEC" which reflects only percentages. This view, once certified, becomes the official record of effort for the cycle.

Allocation of Effort in Special Circumstances

Extended Leave

Extended leave may occur when a faculty member is on maternity leave, sick leave, family leave, sabbatical, vacation, etc. UW policy directs paid absences to be charged to the same budgets and in the same proportions while an individual is on leave as they were being paid immediately preceding the individual going on leave.

The effort report will continue to be reported based on the salary distribution in effect before the leave.


  • An employee's effort/salary was 50% on a departmental budget for teaching and 50% on a research grant prior to taking paid leave.
  • During the period of leave the salary should continue to be charged 50% on the departmental budget and 50% on the research grant until the individual returns to work or through the end of the grant period, whichever occurs first.
  • On the effort report, the pay and effort will continue to be reflected at 50% on the departmental budget and 50% on the grant.

Unpaid Absences

Unpaid absences are not reflected on the Faculty Effort Certification (FEC) form. However, extended leave may impact the level of effort committed to the project by key personnel, including the Principal Investigator/Project Director.

The sponsor must pre-approve any leave that lasts for a period of 90 consecutive days or more for the PI and key personnel. In addition, should a partial leave result in a reduction of time devoted to the project of 25% or more of the original commitment, prior sponsor approval is required. The Principal Investigator should submit to the sponsor, through OSP, a request for approval when they become disengaged from the project or reduce their time devoted to the project.

Vacation Time

The University applies a consistent practice of paying vacation and other accrued leave from the funding in place at the time the leave is taken. If grant funds are not being used to support the individual at the time leave is taken, the department must cover the leave costs. This is considered compliant because the University is consistent in the application and does not discriminate between funding sources.