Overview of eFECS

eFECS provides a suite of inter-related automated solutions for faculty effort certification and cost share documentation to support federal grant compliance requirements at the University of Washington. The following applications are designed to assist campus with the managment, documentation and reporting of cost share and faculty effort certification.

  • eFECS Effort Reporting
  • eFECS Cost Share Module
  • eFECS Non-FEC Cost Share Application

eFECS Effort Reporting allows faculty to electronically certify direct charged and cost shared effort on sponsored project and provides

  • accurate and timely electronic faculty effort certification reports
  • an institutional system of record for effort & cost sharing
  • enhanced reporting capabilities to track compliance.
  • a way to easily make updates and modifications in response to regulatory or institutional change

eFECS Cost Share Module provides summary information for both faculty and non-faculty cost sharing while the eFECS Non-FEC Cost Share Application  enables the electronic selection of University incurred non-FEC expense transactions identified as cost share for a specific project.

eFECS Effort Reporting

The following pages provide departments with information to assist them in using the eFECS Effort Reporting application.

Roles and Responsibilities
Access - Get, Grant and/or Remove
Criteria for Receiving an FEC
My Faculty List
Online & Summary FECs
Making Changes in eFECS
Salary Caps, K Awards and the FEC
How to Certify
Notifications from eFECS
Printing and Screen Capture Tips
Browsers Supported

View information on the eFECS Cost Share Summary Application and the eFECS Non-FEC Cost Share Application