Criteria for Receiving an FEC

Pre-Workday, eFECS created FECS for employees who had a HEPPS job code in the range of 0001-0147 or 0151-0199. With Workday, eFECS will create FECS for employees with a Job profile between 10001-10147 and 10151-10199 and 21728 - 21730 who satisfy at least one of the following criteria for the FEC reporting cycle:

  • have been paid institutional base salary on a grant or contract (budget type 05),*
  • have a mandatory cost share obligation,
  • have committed cost share obligation (effort quantified - % and/or $) in the sponsored project proposal budget or budget justification with no corresponding funding requested or awarded,
  • have a long term shift in funding source cost sharing documented in the eFECS Cost Share Module

*In cases where an employee has both a faculty and a non-faculty job code, eFECS creates an FEC regardless of whether payment on the sponsored project is associated with their faculty job code. The FEC will reflect the total compensation received by the individual, both as faculty and non-faculty, for the FEC cycle. In these cases, the individual should certify the FEC to avoid the appearance of a delinquent effort report and unnecessary follow up efforts.

The following budget type/classes are not considered sponsored activity and do not in themselves qualify for printing an FEC. However, these budgets will appear on effort reports in the "Other Salary Sources" section when the faculty member is paid on sponsored agreements or has a cost share pledge or commitment.

  • 05-34 - Fixed Price Surplus
    • UW performs service at a firm price and may retain unexpended balance
  • 05-45 - Service Contracts and Staff Assignments
    • A contractual agreement permitting UW faculty to work for an outside agency (e.g. VA)
  • 05-52 - Clinical Income
    • Clinical salary paid through a UW budget
  • 05-55  Affiliated Programs 
  • 05-56  Faculty Salary 
  • 05-57 - Royalty Income
    • An ongoing payment for use of an asset (e.g. a book)
  • 05-59  Misc. Sponsored Program
  • 05-62  Scholarships
  • 05-63  Loans
  • 05-70  Work Study
  • 05-71  State College Work Study
  • 05-72  Fed College Work Study O-C 

Once faculty members are selected, the system collects information for each FEC from

  • FIN - budget name, budget type, revenue code, organization code, salary information including salary transfers
  • eFECS Cost Share Module - cost share commitments