About eFECS

eFECS provides a suite of inter-related automated solutions for faculty effort certification and cost share documentation to support federal grant compliance requirements at the University of Washington. The following is an overview of the three applications designed to assist campus with the management, documentation and reporting of cost share and faculty effort certification.

eFECS Non-FEC Cost Share Application

The Non-FEC Cost Share application enables the electronic selection of University incurred non-FEC expense transactions identified as cost share for a specific project. The application is used to provide supporting documentation for a department's Non-FEC Cost Share Contribution Report. Departments can manage their university contributions within the Non-FEC Cost Share application and provide Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) with a report of their contributions.

Learn more about access to the Non-FEC Cost Share application.

Note that Faculty direct charged and cost shared effort is documented in the effort reporting application.

Learn more about the Non-FEC Cost Share Contribution process from Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA).

eFECS Effort Reporting Application

The eFECS Effort Reporting application enables faculty and campus to:

  • Electronically certify Faculty direct charged and cost shared effort on sponsored projects.
  • Manage allowable modifications of faculty cost shared effort contributions.
  • Review direct charged faculty effort paid from sponsored projects.

Learn more about the Faculty Effort Certification process from Management Accounting and Analysis.

eFECS Cost Share Summary Application

The eFECS Cost Share Summary (aka Cost Share Module) is the University of Washington's system of record for cost share commitments and contributions. When an award is set up in the University financial system, Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) enters the cost share commitment shown on the cost share addendum received with the funding action from Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP).

During award management, actual costs incurred as contributions are updated into the cost share summary:

  • When FECs are certified with cost share commitments in the Effort Reporting System.
  • After departments submit Non-FEC Cost Share Contribution Reports to GCA via Grant Tracker.

Learn more about the Cost Share Process from Grant and Contract Accounting.