The My Faculty List displays faculty by organization code who qualify for effort reporting. This list will be displayed to FEC Coordinators who have the appropriate ASTRA authorization for a particular organization code.

My Faculty List - a Dynamic List
The My Faculty List is updated nightly and will reflect changes processed through

  • MyFinancial.desktop (e.g. salary transfers)
  • FIN (e.g. revenue codes and budget type/class)
  • Payroll (e.g. retro pay and overpayments)
  • eFECS Cost Share Module (e.g. adjustments to cost share commitments)

These changes may cause faculty to appear and disappear from this list. It is strongly advised that FEC coordinators perform a periodic review of the My Faculty List for any deletions and/or late additions of faculty required to certify.

This review may also be done through the Faculty Effort Certification (FEC) Dashboard report for individual organization codes. This report allows selection of more than one cycle using the 'FECs requiring action' button.

Occasionally faculty may be missing from the My Faculty List. Consult the table below for reasons and possible solutions.

Reason Not on List Action to Take Additional Resources
Faculty salary was not charged to a sponsored budget If the faculty should have had charges to a sponsored budget, prepare a salary transfer using MyFinancia.desktop. Posted salary transfers appear in eFECS the following business day. Learn how to prepare a salary transfer in MyFD
Cost share commitment has not been entered into the eFECS Cost Sharing System For missing cost sharing commitments, send and inquiry to
Faculty has changed home departments The default cost center for a faculty’s primary position in Workday determines the Department list in eFECS. Once an FEC is certified it will remain on the department list where it was certified. Search for an FEC from any screen within eFECS using the search box at the top of the screen.
Faculty is owed retro pay on a grant budget and formerly did not qualify for FEC report

Process retro payment in Workday. The faculty’s updated, uncertified FEC will be available 24-48 hours after the retro pay has processed and posted.

Faculty separated from UW If a separated faculty member who should have received an FEC does not appear on your list and you are unable to locate via the faculty search function, contact eFECS for assistance. Typing the faculty member's name into the search box may bring up his/her FEC.

Status Tracking in eFECS

The My Faculty List serves as an FEC status tracker. Sortable column headers, including the the status and cost share indicator columns, allow FEC Coordinators to easily track the status and effectively manage FECs.

The status field is populated with letters indicating the status of the FEC. A blank field indicates the FEC is uncertified.

Column Heading Status Action
    C FEC has been certified Automatically set by the system when an FEC is certified electronically.
    P FEC is pending recertification Manually set by an FEC Coordinator when an FEC needs to be recertified
    R FEC was recertified electronically or recertified on paper outside of the electronic system Automatically set by the system when an FEC is recertified electronically or Manually set by MAA after receipt of a recertified paper FEC from the department.


Certified Date
'Certified Date' in eFECS represents the date an FEC was originally certified. This field will not reflect the date an FEC was recertified.

Cost Share Indicators
Three columns displayed on the My Faculty List (K, C and CS) assist departments in managing FECs with cost sharing. When the field is blank, the FEC has no cost sharing.

  • K   - K Award that may require K cost sharing
  • C   - Grants with salary cap cost sharing
  • CS - Grants with committed cost sharing
    • Mandatory (M)
    • Committed (R)
    • Long Term Shift (S)
  • n/a - on recertified FECs, the system can't determine cost share information.

My Faculty List Notes
A notes section is provided next to each faculty member's name on the My Faculty List to assist FEC Coordinators in managing FECs. Notes entered in this field do not display on the FEC and do not become part of the official record.

These notes are editable and remain on the list for the reporting period for which they are entered unless purposefully deleted. Notes do not carry forward from prior reporting periods to current periods but may be accessed by using the reporting cycle drop down menu and navigating to the prior reporting period.

Note History/Last Updated By
'Note History/Last Updated By' displays the UW Net ID of the last person to add, edit or delete a note and the time the update was made.