Access to eFECS is managed via ASTRA. The eFECS system includes three roles combined with actions that allow or limit functionality


FEC Coordinator

Manages Faculty Effort Certification (FEC) Reports within an organization code. The FEC Coordinator is responsible for reviewing the FEC and coordinating certification by the faculty, completing any required adjustments or changes and training faculty how to perform online certification.


Faculty who perform effort or provide cost share on a sponsored project are selected by the system and automatically granted the role, "certify self." They are ultimately responsible for reviewing, verifying and certfiying that their FEC is a reasonable reflection of the effort performed

Dean/Director/Division Head/Chair

This role provides the ability to certify FECs on behalf of faculty who are unable to certify themselves (e.g. separated faculty). The individual with this role must have suitable means of verification that the work was performed. This action may not be delegated.

Management Accounting and Analysis (MAA)

MAA facilitates campus effort reporting, performs high level compliance oversight of FECs and provides guidance, support and training to campus.