What is the GCCR?

Grant and Contract Certification Reports (also known as Payroll Certification Reports) are documentation used by the University of Washington to certify the reasonableness of salaries and wages charged to sponsored projects.

The report reflects all UW employees paid on a sponsored budget and their grant and contract compensation with the exception of faculty who certify via the Faculty Effort Certification (FEC) report.

Included on each report is the name of the employee, payroll classification, the percentage of effort or number of hours paid for the month and the dollar amount paid by budget.

Requirement to Certify Work Performed on Grants and Contracts

Verification of the Grant and Contract Certification report is required by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 2, Chapter II, section 220 "Cost Principles for Higher Education". (Previously referred to as OMB Circular A-21)

Section J.10.c (2) (c) requires reports to “..reasonably reflect the activities for which employees are compensated by the institution. To confirm that the distribution of activity represents a reasonable estimate of the work performed by the employee during the period, the reports will be signed by the employee, principal investigator, or responsible official(s) using suitable means of verification that the work was performed.”

To provide an efficient process of ensuring grant and contract certification reports are completed timely, there will be ongoing oversight of the certification process.

Who Can Certify

It is the responsibility of the PI to certify the report. The PI cannot delegate authority to sign the report for reasons of convenience.

In rare instances, when the PI is unable to certify in a timely manner, the department chair, director (of an organization of departmental level program), division head or dean may certify the GCCR. This verification must be supported by written confirmation from the PI (e.g. in an email or memo) that the work was performed by the individual(s) listed on the report. This documentation should be filed with the GCCR.

Departments are responsible for creating a tracking system to ensure all GCCRs are certified (signed) and dated. Late or unsigned and/or undated reports are an audit concern.


Original signed (in ink) GCCRs are required to be filed in the department and retained for the time period specified in the UW retention policy, normally 6 years after the end of the fiscal year. For more information, please visit the Records Management website https://finance.uw.edu/recmgt/recordseries/grant-and-contract-certification-report  


Clicking on this login button will open the CURRENT version of the GCCR report (reporting periods 6/16/2017 - 9/30/2017 and newer).

LEGACY version of the report (reporting periods 4/1/2017 - 6/15/2017 and prior) can be found here

Past Due Dates

   Quarter Start      Quarter End    GCCR Due Date
7/1/2019 9/30/2019 12/10/2019
4/1/2019 6/30/2019 09/30/2019
1/1/2019 3/31/2019 6/11/2019
10/1/2018 12/31/2018 3/11/2019
7/1/2018 9/30/2018 12/10/2018
4/1/2018 6/30/2018 9/25/2018
1/1/2018 3/31/2018 6/11/2018
10/1/2017 12/31/2017 3/12/2018
6/16/2017 9/30/2017 1/10/2018
4/1/2017 6/15/2017 9/8/2017
1/1/2017 3/31/2017 6/9/2017
7/1/2016 9/30/2016 12/9/2016
4/1/2016 6/30/2016 9/9/2016
10/1/2016 12/31/2016 3/13/2017
1/1/2016 3/31/2016 6/9/2016
10/1/2015 12/31/2015 3/11/2016
7/1/2015 9/30/2015 12/11/2015
4/1/2015 6/30/2015 9/8/2015
1/1/2015 3/31/2015 6/9/2015
10/1/2014 12/31/2014 3/16/2015
7/1/2014 9/30/2014 12/10/2014
4/1/2014 6/30/2014 9/8/2014
1/1/2014 3/31/2014 6/10/2014
10/1/2013 12/31/2013 3/11/2014
7/1/2013 9/30/2013 12/9/2013
4/1/2013 6/30/2013 9/10/2013